Man taking care of paralyzed wife for 7 years

Published On: March 29, 2018 07:50 AM NPT By: Ritesh Tripathi

BIRGUNJ, 28 March: Such bonding looks unique in today's commercial age. Chandra Bahadur Tharu and Bindeshowri Tharuni, of Parshagadhi-3 do not exchange notes such as 'I love you ' or 'made for each other' on social sites. Nor do they admit to have expressed these words to each other personally ever. But, a closer scrutiny of their lives speaks volumes about their superfine chemistry. 

The old man never gets tired of carrying his paralyzed wife on his back to wherever necessary just like a handy vehicle. It has been seven years since Tharuni lost independent mobility. But her life is equally mobile, thanks to her devoted husband. 

“In the last seven years, since she became paralyzed, life has become quite difficult. The one who would give me strength and direction in my life suddenly turned helpless. I had no choice but to look after her,” says Chandra Bahadur, 62. “Our children are on their own. We did our best for them. We have no complaints. I only wish she gets better,” he added. 

Seven years ago, Tharuni suffered from paralysis for an unknown reason. She could not move her body parts below her waist. The cattle had to be sold. Fields turned barren. “We could not live a normal life then after,” Chandra Bahadur narrated. 

There is no trace of tiredness or frustration on the old man's face. The pain is more physical than mental, he says. “I want to see her happy. That's all. I hope doctors will give her a new life,” he said. 
In course of her treatment, he has stayed in hospitals for months. A little improvement was seen in her health. But she needs enough help from him for almost everything, which he extends with a smile. 

“I sometimes feel that I give him a lot of problems. I feel bad about it,” Tharuni said.   No sooner had she muttered these words than he stopped her. “We have two boys, who live abroad. Their wives live around here but they do not visit us that frequently. But I am taking a good care of her,” he said. 

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