Making your bedroom calm and peaceful

Published On: August 9, 2019 08:26 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Our bedrooms are very important to us. It’s where we sleep, read, work and spend a large chunk of our days. It thus becomes necessary for us to make this space not only agreeable to our tastes but also comfortable and relaxing. What calms you and what sets you on edge is sometimes obvious and sometimes quite inconspicuous. But de-cluttering and making a soothing space is a fairly easy task once you nail the basics. The Week has some suggestions on how you can make your bedroom a peaceful abode. 

Opt for soothing colors
You ever wonder why you feel so at peace when you’re gazing at the blue waters or looking at a bright blue sky? It’s the color. Certain colors are known to have calming effects and, despite your failure to notice, influence the way you feel.  Keeping this in mind, choose things for your room with certain colors in mind. From your bedding to curtains, pillow covers and also other small things (decor items, baskets among others), choose soothing colors. Go with a consistent color theme so that there isn’t a kaleidoscope of colors around you. But consistent doesn’t mean monochromatic, play with colors but keep them lighter and softer. Use white, beige, light brown, light green or light blue.

Use blackout curtains
There’s too much happening around us all the time and our bedrooms are supposed to be a retreat from all the noise and drama. This is where blackout curtains come in. Blackout curtains block out light, noise, keep the heat out during summer nights and in during the winters. This will help you sleep better and if you get the right type of curtains they will look really good in your room. There really isn’t a reason for you to not get them.

These curtains come in different shades and with different patterns so fear not if you thought they only come in darker colors. You can choose from an array of different colors and patterns. The best thing is that, on days it rains, you can simply draw the curtains, light a scented candle and stay in nice and cozy in your room. 
Section areas in your bedroom

If you don’t have a definite spot for a certain activity in your room, you may end up in a mess. Sectioning areas isn’t just for large rooms, they are necessary for all rooms, even the smaller ones. Make a section for working or studying and do just that in that particular section. Never take your work to your sleeping section (which is of course your bed), you will be less efficient and a small nap can lead to a lot of trouble. Set a different space for your phones and laptops. Again, don’t bring your electronics to your sleeping area. Sectioning areas and assigning a function to each will help you become productive and organized. Plus it also helps you get a good night’s sleep.

Pay attention to little things
Get some beautiful, soothing artwork for your room. You can print these out from the internet and get it framed or you can pick up some nice paintings from galleries around you. Know where to look for them. They don’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. Having nice pictures around you will help you feel good about your living space. Get a mood light, a pretty vase for some nice flowers, incense sticks (get the inexpensive ones, they are milder) or a scented candle. In summers, put up light airy curtains (beneath blackout curtains) in your room. 

This will help with the air passage significantly meaning your room will feel a lot more breezy and cool. Just keep the furniture you absolutely need. If that table is taking more space than it has a use for, it needs to be sent away. The idea is to make your bedroom as spacious as possible. Find ways to hide your wires (chargers and the likes) as this will make your space look a lot less messy.

De-clutter and organize

It may have passed your notice but everything on this list is about coordination, creating larger spaces and cleanliness and neatness. Our previous tip has inevitably brought us to de-cluttering. De-cluttering means removing items without much utility value. De-cluttering is necessary in most places but more so in bedrooms. Don’t overcrowd your room with things you don’t need. Look around you, you will find a number of such things. If you don’t use that reading chair, put it away. If you’re hoarding a stack of books you know you will never read, give them away.

Often times we are stuck living with things we never use. Once you only have things you absolutely need and want around you, organize them in a system and never stray away from it: Bags in the closet, jackets on hooks, and so on. Use boxes to store most things even clothes. The organization will make things look neater and accessing them will be a whole lot easier as well.

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