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Published On: November 29, 2019 12:19 PM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Life might sometimes seem like an endless loop of eat, work, sleep, and repeat but that in no way means it has to feel boring and uninspiring. Often times, we look for ways to keep ourselves cheerful and feeling motivated but it’s not always possible or wallet-friendly to go shopping or on a vacation every time you feel low. Instead, what you could do is infuse a little cheer into your everyday lives. Here are eight ways to live the good life. 

Focus on your goals
One of the best ways to stay inspired and motivated in life is to recognize your interest and form your goal(s) around it. But just coming up with an idea or a concept in your head isn’t enough. It’s abstract and thus impractical. You have to be precise and write down the details of your goal(s) and create a vision board to have a roadmap of sorts to make your dreams come true. Do small simple things on a daily basis that can help you cultivate good habits that will aid you in reaching your goal(s). The thing is you have to create a plan and act on it, avoiding distractions and interruptions. Don’t get discouraged when things don’t work out, sometimes all you need to do is believe in yourself and keep doing the best you can. 

Keep a diary 
Keeping a diary is healthy as it can give you a better understanding of yourself over time. You can maintain a bullet journal that’s quite a rage these days or simply opt to do it the old school way by writing entries every day. A journal or diary can also help you keep track of all that you learn and help you make better sense of things when everything seems jumbled in your head. Various studies have shown that keeping a journal and writing daily can also decrease depression and stress. Writing your thoughts down also makes you calmer and you can unload your thoughts and worries onto the pages to clear your head.  

Understand that time is precious
Procrastination and wasting time on unnecessary activities can really drain your energy in the long run and leave you feeling bad about yourself. Try to be persistent and punctual. Start by making a schedule and planning your day around it. You could also create a to-do list first thing in the morning and write down everything you need to do during the day. Cross off things as you do them. This little habit can greatly affect how you manage your time and work, as crossing items off a list can feel extremely rewarding in itself, thus making you want to do everything you have written down.  

Never stop learning
They say you are never too old to learn. And rightly so because learning something new can give your brain the boost it needs as it ages. Make it a point to read the newspaper as you have tea in the morning. This way you are updated on all the current events and won’t be left out of any social conversations. You could also try learning a new language. Simply download an app on your phone and do quick 15-minute sessions every day. Trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube or the crossword puzzle can also help keep your mind agile. All this in turn will make you feel energized and positive. 

Surround yourself with good friends
Good friends can make the world of difference. Often when you are bogged down or stressed, a short conversation with a friend, over coffee or on the phone, can make you feel better. So make it a point to catch up with friends and socialize on a regular basis, even if all you sometimes feel like doing is going to sleep or curling up on the couch and watching TV. Having friends you can count on – and also meet for movies, lunches, and cocktails – makes life fun and keeps things interesting. 

Exercise and eat right
Everyone harps about the benefits of exercising and eating right but they do it for a reason. Multiple studies have shown that exercising releases feel-good hormones and thus makes you happier. Eating healthier too has similar effects but this has more to do with your mindset, how you feel about yourself. This doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of that piece of chocolate or only eat salads, but make sure you know what’s going into your body. 

Watch good content and be inspired
What we see, read or hear has the potential to shape our reality. Since we are almost always on own phones, it would be a good idea to watch something inspirational or read articles that uplift and motivate you to do better in life. There are also podcasts on so many different topics these days that you can learn about anything you want, from anyone you want. Instead of spending your early morning hours scrolling through Instagram, why not make it a point to watch videos or read articles that make you think or fire you up to get going?

Network, network, network
Not only will networking with people give you a chance to better your communication skills, it will also bring many different opportunities your way. So, whenever possible, try to get to know people outside your immediate circle and find ways to connect with them. In the age of social media, it really isn’t very hard to establish a connection with likeminded people. Say yes to invitations and make it a point to be there. No excuses. That can be a really good way to start building some helpful contacts. 

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