'Linge Ping' on the verge of extinction (with photos)

Published On: October 4, 2019 10:15 AM NPT By: MOHAMMAD HABIB

BHAIRAHAWA, Oct 4: Linge Ping, a traditional swing built with bamboos, is one of the forms of entertainment during Dashain festival.

As Dashain approaches, people set up such swings mostly in open grounds or squares near their localities. 

Youths, teenagers and children enjoy playing on swings. 

However, in recent times, the culture of Linge Ping is gradually declining as most of the young generation enjoy indulging in travelling, spending time on the internet especially on social media. 

Intending to transfer this practice to the young generation, Durga Temple Mangement Committee in Bhairahawa has erected Linge Ping during this Dashain. 

People believe that they should play a swing at least once in a year. 

Sagar Shrestha, a local from Bhairahawa said, “Our culture is gradually diminishing. It may be because people have a very hectic schedule. But, I opine that concerned authorities must do something to preserve and promote our unique tradition."

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