Let’s rage against Biplav’s barbarism

Published On: December 10, 2020 04:00 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

The underground outfit led by Netra Bikram Chand Biplav has resorted to barbarism, and if the entire political class and civil society do not stand strongly against this dastardly act, there is a danger of Biplav group emerging as a major threat to the country’s peace.  Ever since going underground, Biplav has been mobilizing his cadres to launch bomb attacks in public places, intimidating people and extorting donations.  In the latest instance of barbarism, his cadres kidnapped Rajendra Shrestha, a school teacher, took him to Barkhe jungle in Miklajung Rural Municipality-1 in Morang and shot him dead.  With this heinous act, Biplav’s cadres have been able to spread terror across the country.  This act of barbarism should be condemned by all and the government must be able to track down his cadres and bring them to justice. 

That said it should also be noted that Biplav is trying to capitalize on the public discontent brought about by the failure of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) government to control corruption, ensure good governance and the rule of law.  If the government still fails to guarantee security of people and deliver on development, corruption control and good governance, Biplav’s radicalism might take roots in Nepal’s rural villages. 

 Biplav’s outfit does not have a concrete political agenda.  Or if it has, why has it been turning down the calls of dialogues by the government? Biplav’s group has been refusing to sit for talks citing one or the other excuses.  Biplav and his cadres should realize that Nepali people, who suffered violence and terror for more than a decade, are not going to support politics of violence and terror.

The constitution of Nepal allows the right to organize, conduct peaceful politics and go to the people with their agenda. Biplav’s group has chosen the route of violence, killing and extortion—which must be denounced by one and all. While it is the responsibility of the government to ensure safety of citizens—and it must not spare effort in securing people’s right to life—it is equally important for the ruling NCP, main opposition Nepali Congress and all the peace-loving political parties to stand united to condemn barbarism unleashed by Biplav group. Biplav’s outfit must renounce politics of violence and come to the talks if it wants to create a political space in the country. 

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