Lawmaker reaching out to villagers, hearing grievances

Published On: November 5, 2018 06:00 AM NPT By: Akson Rai

BHOJPUR, Nov 5: At a time when most of the ministers and elected representatives are busy exchanging greetings for Tihar, Sudan Kirati who was elected in the federal election from Bhojpur is busy listening to the grievances of the people of his constituency.

Villagers were delighted when Kirati reached their doorsteps. As most leaders and ministers turn their back to the public once they get elected, Kirati has impressed his voters by not doing the same. By utilizing the time between two of the greatest Hindu festivals Dashain and Tihar, Kirati visited various villages of his constituency to answer the questions of the curious people.

Locals have been telling him all major and minor happenings and problems. He has been conducting his meetings with the villagers at many places so as to be aware of the problems and needs of all people. So far, he has taken visited more than 27 villages of the district. According to him, his program gives an opportunity for him to directly interact with the locals and get immediate feedback.

"I am trying to address the demands and take suggestions of the people in the right way," said Kirati. Sometimes, people also express their anger and frustration towards the sluggish development, he says. "Currently, I am on a campaign to learn something from the public to give them something back," said Kirati, adding, "I am also trying to make the people understand what we are doing in parliament."

Most people ask him about the lawmakers, government and matters of local units. On Sunday, he reached Shadananda Multiple Campus of Shadananda Municipality. Locals vented their ire against the sluggish construction of Lamsuwa Bridge over the Arun River. As the construction of the bridge has been stalled for six years, locals asked Kirati whether the bridge would ever be completed.

Responding to the people's questions, he replied that the construction of the bridge has been stalled due to technical reasons which are being sorted out. People also raised their voice against the increasing cases of violence against women and cases of police negligence. Kirati was urged to bring strict rules and policies for the safety of women.  

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