KoKo Bop challenge Trending

Published On: August 22, 2017 11:10 AM NPT By: Ashmita Kadariya

The ‘KoKo Bop Challenge’ is a new hot worldwide trend right now. Just like the ‘Harlem Shake Challenge’, the ‘KoKo Bop Challenge’ is taking over youngsters like a storm.

Commenced by ‘Resey.dc and Kaotsun’s Cover Dance Crew’ and joined by the EXO-Ls, which is the fandom for one of the biggest K-Pop group called ‘EXO’, is now the hottest dance challenge that has taken over the internet. 

The challenge is simple -- one merely requires to do the key dance moves to EXO’s ‘KoKo Bop’ – one specific part which is “down down baby” and once you’re done dancing to that specific part, you can upload it in your social media accounts with the hash tag ‘#KoKoBopChallenge’.

The fun thing is that no matter where you are and whatever you’re doing, once the ‘down down baby’ part plays, you’ll have to do the dance moves.

Not only Korean citizens, but the fans of K-Pop all around the world are actively taking part in this fun challenge.

EXO is the one of top K-Pop boy bands from South Korea, consisting of nine members (Chinese and Korean), formed by one of the top entertainment companies in South Korea called ‘SM Entertainment’. 

With their latest comeback with their fourth album ‘The War’ consisting of the title song ‘KoKo Bop’, the boys are reigning over the music scene by topping over 40 countries in the ‘iTunes Worldwide Album Chart’, making them the number one K-pop boy group to do so. Not to mention that they’ve now become the ‘highest selling boy group with the greatest amount of sales in South Korea’. 

The EXO-Ls from Kathmandu are also planning to take part in this challenge, boosting EXO’s presence in Nepal. Make sure to check out the music video in YouTube and take part in the challenge if you’re interested. 

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