KMC Mayor Shah gives 14 examples of problems ‘that have piled up due to inconsistency in Singha Durbar’

Published On: April 10, 2023 06:15 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

KATHMANDU, April 10: The garbage on the premises of Singha Durbar, the government seat, has not been collected since Sunday. According to the order of Balendra Shah, mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), the garbage of Singha Durbar hasn’t been picked up.

Mayor Shah posted a status on social media and announced that the metropolis will no longer pick up the garbage of Singha Durbar. 

However, when criticism started to increase saying that he had given such an order without taking an official decision, Mayor Shah responded to it through social media. On Monday morning, he posted a long status and gave 14 examples of non-coordination and non-cooperation by Singha Durbar (federal government) and explained why he had ordered KMC employees not to collect garbage from the premises of Singha Durbar.

Mayor Shah has made it clear that the decision not to collect the waste from the Singha Durbar was not made haphazardly. He has said that due to the government’s neglect, irresponsibility and carelessness he was forced to take this decision.

He alleged that the central government did not coordinate with the local government in matters of public welfare. He said that the garbage was not picked up so that Singha Durbar could see the problems accumulated by the uncoordinated role. Here are 14 examples of non-cooperation and lack of coordination on part of the central government, as mentioned by Mayor Shah:

1. Ministry of Home Affairs: Management of unorganized settlements, management of traffic lights, theft of idols, three initiatives have been taken repeatedly with the Minister, and minutes have been agreed upon, but not implemented.

2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Correspondence to foreign missions on Management of Paved Pavements.  

3. Ministry of Education: Regarding digital TVs for government schools, transfer of teachers and payment of salaries to teachers on time, the matter did not progress even though discussion was held with two ministers at different stages.

4. Ministry of Health: Government hospital sanitation, insurance, compliance with Supreme Court's order to demolish the upper floor of the Ministry, Budget management for National Ambulance 91020 to serve Kathmandu Valley - Initiatives have been taken at different stages with two ministers.

5. Tourism and Civil Aviation: Pass the map of the airport, the solution to the flooding in the Pepsi-Cola area due to rainwater at the airport, the initiative to build a statue and a park at the starting point of Nepal at the airport – initiatives taken with two ministers repeatedly.

6. Ministry of Finance: Even though the government has destroyed land in Tinkune for 52 years, it is unwilling to give compensation to the land owner, about the collection of house maintenance tax that should be received by the metropolis by the Nepal government, connecting the water of Yangri and Larke rivers to Melamchi, the program to bring Melamchi water to Kathmandu within 12 months - initiation taken to the two ministers repeatedly.

7. Urban development: river corridor, river cleaning, waste treatment plant in the river, under pass, management of garbage in Banchre Danda, management of soil capping and management of gas pipe of the site, management of alternative route, many initiatives with the four different ministers of Minister of Law and Land to manage waste in Kathmandu.

8. Physical transport: ring road expansion, formation of valley transport authority - repeated initiatives with two ministers.

9. Information and Communication: Integrated infrastructure operation between ISPs and Telecoms to enable cable management across the country (initiation taken to the two ministers.)

10. Ministry of Energy: Assisting in the management of unorganized street lights. (initiation taken to the two ministers repeatedly).

11. Water supply: Melamchi water and pipe management, KUKL's proper management initiative - initiation taken to the two ministers repeatedly.

12. Ministry of Land Reforms: Cooperative Regulations, Cooperative Laws, Public Land Protection - initiation taken to the minister repeatedly.

13. Federal Affairs: Tinkune Dispute Initiative, Staff Transfer (initiation taken to the ministers repeatedly)

14. Ministry of Agriculture: Fertilizer purchase and testing of vegetables coming to the valley - repeated initiatives with the Minister.


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