Khalanga all set to be load shedding free

Published On: November 14, 2018 03:30 AM NPT By: DB BUDHA

JUMLA, Nov 14: Khalanga of Jumla district, which was once the headquarters of Karnali Zone, is set to illuminate with electricity lights round the clock within this fiscal year.

Currently, Khalanga is facing acute shortage of electricity as the 200-kilowatt Ghughuti Hydroelectric Plant set up in 1983 is barely sufficient for the present-day population. Most of the areas of Chandannath Municipality are relying on the same hydro plant.

At that time, the hydro project was built to sustain just 500 households.

“It isn't surprising that the same old plant has failed to provide electricity to 2,800 households at present,” said Bishnu Bahadur Budha Thapa, chairman of Small Hydroelectricity Consumers' Committee.

In the course of finding better alternative, two new hydropower projects have been completed this fiscal year. They are in the final stage of producing electricity which would be sufficient for entire Khalanga.

Electricity has not reached ward 8 and 9 of Chandannath. Locals are forced to face 22 hours of power cuts every day. Chair Budha Thapa said that the electricity would be produced by the end of the ongoing fiscal year and the whole Khalanga will be illuminated.

“The district headquarters Khalanga will get rid of load shedding completely. With 24 hours of electricity, new industries will open up and it'll create employment opportunities for the locals,” he assured.

According to him, Thalke Hydro Project is in the final phase. The project, with an investment of Rs 40 million, has the capacity of producing 100 kilowatts that will be added to Khalanga's grid.

Likewise, Jugadh Khola Hydropower Project is also in the final phase. It has the capacity of producing 58 kilowatts of electricity with an investment of Rs 15 million.

Municipal Chief Kantika Sejuwal said that the total 358 kilowatts of electricity would be sufficient to cover every household of Chandannath. “Within a few months, we are set to become a well-lit and beautiful municipality,” he added.

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