Keeping it Classy

Published On: November 4, 2016 11:17 AM NPT By: REYA SHREYA RAI

At times when we can’t stop fretting over the trending styles or trying our best to look different, it’s refreshing to find someone who actually preaches to keep it simple and comfortable.

Sometimes, it’s better to just lay back and stop fussing over how we look but pay attention to how we feel instead. The Week’s Reya Shreya Rai speaks to the talented designer Teyang about her views and rules when it comes to the fash-forward.

While dressing up, what are the things that should be kept in mind?

Comfort and quality should always come first before anything else. The primary function of a garment is to shield you, not to distract you. I think the main thing you should aim for in clothes is it’s affinity for practicality. I don’t believe in a routine where you struggle too hard to look good. I’m more of a look good, feel good person.

My designs are quite practical. The body is very important to me while designing. How a garment fits a body, how the fabric falls on the body, all of these factors, whatever the inspiration, dictates the design.

What dress up advices would you give to the women of different body structure and sizes? 

I find experimenting more effective than following certain rules. I’m sure that the rules help, but I don’t think you could possibly categorize body types so strictly. There are so many body shapes and sizes idolized in many cultures and corners of the world. So, I feel that justice is not done to a human body when it is categorized and deemed appropriate or inappropriate for specific styles and fashion. Just because you aren’t skinny doesn’t give anyone the right to condemn it unsuitable. So, experiment! Try out every style and colors until you come across your own.

What are the things that can be kept in mind to alter an otherwise monotonous outfit?

‘Norm core’ is very much in trend now. So the question is, how do we do monotonous right? Putting together two simple, quality pieces, works so much better than layers of clothing and accessories that try so hard to compliment each other. In the age that we’re in, everything is in trend. From Retro looks to Norm core, everyone is into something. When there are so many options to try out, it’s hard to restrict ourselves to follow a single one. We can find many stores that provide inexpensive imitations from runway aplenty. So, even when we can have pretty much anything, I think it’s still best that we choose something classy. Instead of overmatching every accessory and every piece of garment, I’d still suggest a classic slay.

How can we transition from office wear to party wear?

At the risk of sounding repetitive, comfort is key here. It’s all very distracting and tiresome when you’re constantly conscious about your outfit (or even your hairdo, and make up).  Because it is winter, I suggest that you jazz your office clothes by opting for a turtleneck instead of a formal shirt and pairing it up with a pencil skirt or a trouser. Turtlenecks possess an affinity to look both crisp and classy while making it comfortable for both workspaces and a cocktail night in the town. Also, you could drop in a fancy pair of earrings in a pretty bag for a later rendezvous. 

What are some things to be kept in mind to look attractive in winter even in puffed up winter clothes?

If there’s one thing you can do better in winter, it’s dressing smart. Coats, jackets, scarves, well-tailored trousers, turtlesnecks, boots, you can go all out and look your most dapper. Best thing about winter is that your makeup stays intact and won’t become runny. It’s never too hot to layer up so you can always make do with turtlenecks and smart coats that suggest a classy touch. Also, I suggest people to layer up with lots of blacks and grays in winter. You can never go wrong with those. 

You seem to emphasize a lot on keeping it classy and efficient. What makes you gravitate more towards that?

There’s so much going in the market these days and people are more concerned about the trends than actually what suits them best. If you scrutinize carefully, everyone looks the same. However, I feel that the simpler the clothes, the better. Always aim for outfits that are good in quality and smart-looking. People try too hard because the trends allow them to. We need to understand that following a specific era of fashion isn’t necessary. Yes, you can’t help but go crazy when there are so many options. Still when you opt for a minimalistic look, you will definitely look your best. 


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