Kalikot hospital to run biogas plant

Published On: February 4, 2017 01:00 AM NPT By: Pabitra Kumar Shahi

KALIKOT, Feb 4: The District Hospital of Kalikot is all set to produce a biogas plant by utilizing the waste matter. When the biogas plant comes into operation, it is believed to relieve the patients as well as the locals from the unmanaged waste, that had been posing serious problems.

Locals had long been complaining about the unmanaged waste as the hospital lies at the centre of the district headquarters. According to the hospital, this biogas plant will be run with the help of organic and decaying wastes like the placenta of pregnant women and other biodegradable wastes.

“We are planning to use all the biodegradable waste for creating energy,” said Kaushal Oli, chief doctor of the hospital. He informed that they are even planning to invest around Rs 300,000 for the project. “The gas produced from the plant will be used for boiling and purifying water required for the patients,” said Maijer Mohammad Aalam, a district health officer. “Now the hospital won't have to waste its money on LP gas,” Aalam added. 

There is no proper dumping site around the hospital. As a result, the waste is thrown rampantly outside the hospital. The toxic smell around the hospital had been a headache for a lot but now the problem won't bother anyone anymore. 

Buildings on the hospital premises look dirty and are not properly managed. But the hospital has promised to change its environment within a few days. “The condition of the hospital is so bad that patients admitted for curing disease might get infected with more diseases,” said Shankapura Shahi, a local of Kalikot.

Locals lament that the dirt and smell coming from the hospital have been really torturous for them. Locals at first raised their eyebrows at the prospect of producing energy from waste matter.  Later, they were elated to know that it was actually possible. 

“We are hopeful that this plant will ease our life a bit,” said Shahi. 

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