Jumla locals excited about polls

Published On: March 24, 2017 12:40 AM NPT By: DB Buda

JUMLA, March 24: Dharma Singh Budha of Gothichaur is excited about the upcoming local level elections scheduled for May 14. Restructuring of the local level has added to his happiness. He believes that the local level election will bring peace and development in the village.

Opening of rural municipalities in the village has surprised a lot of villagers. “We are hopeful that the restructuring of local units will empower many unemployed youths of our village which will ultimately add to the development of the country,” said Dharma Singh. 

According to the locals, the fever of local elections has gripped everyone in the village.

“Cadres and leaders of various political parties have been conducting mass gatherings almost every day and this has given a festive mood to the villages,” said Prem Bahadur Budha, another local. 

Since the last few months, members of political parties have been visiting the election constituencies frequently to woo the voters. According to Prem, people are seeking for highly capable and responsible candidates who can change the development scenario of the village. 

Jalgedi Kami of Tatopani-6 said, “I still can't believe that the facilities provided by the capital in the past will be received by the locals in their own villages.” 

In the past, villagers had to walk for days to reach the headquarters and sometimes to Kathmandu in search of hospitals and other facilities. It didn't just cost a lot of money but was equally time consuming. 

“Now, the village units will be economically, socially and culturally independent,” Kami said. As informed by her, the locals are imagining a new village. “We have also promised to vote for the leaders if they really mean to fulfill their promises,” Kami added.

“After the elections, there are less chances of misuse of government budget,” said kami.

She even requested the government to ensure equal participation of women in elections.

 These days, villagers have been busy deciding whom to vote. As per the locals, there are many villages in Jumla which have not yet been connected by roads. So, the political parties who give priority to development transportation are likely to get more votes. 

“Most of the places of Jumla are rich in natural resources but they lack market as there are no roads,” said Bal Bahadur Thapa of Tila.

Local development officers and Chief District Officer are busy inaugurating rural municipalities. There is one municipality and seven village units in Jumla. Earlier there were altogether 26 VDCs and a municipality.

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