Internet: Communication and beyond

Published On: November 22, 2016 11:45 PM NPT By: BARUN PANDEY

Imagine yourselves getting stuck in hours of traffic, and reaching to your gym late. Your mobile is on the silent mode inside your bag and your partner has been constantly calling you worried by the delay. It is pretty normal, right? Considering how busy modern life is due to all tight schedules and other problems, we often reach home late resulting to worries about our delay. But what if this could change? What if your mobile could notify your spouse about the cause of your delay without you even knowing? A successful development of Internet of Things (IoT) could do it. 

Now, imagine yourselves being followed by a group of people. Your heart is pumping faster than usual and you’re overly concerned about your security but you worry whether picking up your phone would trigger them to take some action. In tomorrow’s world, maybe, you wouldn’t need to fear. With all the smart gadgets freely accessing the internet, all concerned authorities will be informed about your danger without you even doing anything.

Today’s internet is the internet of people. With its global emergence over the last 20 years, it has connected people all over the world creating a global village. It has only been limited to connecting people, though. IoT however is the next step for the development of already rapidly growing technology. 

IoT is a concept of a free connection between every single thing in this world through unique identity making communication possible. And you’ll not only be able to communicate but also control it from anywhere in the world through cloud computing. It is an idea which could be the backbone of the communication of the next generation saving your time and energy. 

If you’re lucky, you could be no longer be bothered about searching for your keys in random places, for you can just search for it in the ‘Internet of Things’. From analyzing your household expenses problems to your health conditions, IoT could be a pre-solution to many problems existing in today’s world. The idea of connecting every single object in this world to the internet could probably sound too sophisticated but looking at the ongoing development of the internet, it’s just a matter of time. The world is getting more and more tech-friendly with lesser connection costs and technological feasibility, leading us to solve things we forget to analyze in a rush or due to our lapse in concentration.

There may be loopholes to exploit with regard to IoT, but everything comes with its pros and cons. Things like worrying about what people might do shouldn’t draw us back from developing the future rather we should concentrate ourselves to finding solutions.

Barun is an undergraduate student of computer engineering at IoE, Pulchowk Campus.

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