How 27th July's Lunar eclipse will affect you on the basis of your Zodiac sign

Published On: July 27, 2018 09:11 PM NPT By: Agencies

We are going to observe a second lunar eclipse for the year on 27th July 2018, the first one happened on January 31st, 2018. This is the greatest eclipse not only of the year but of the century.

Duration of the Eclipse

This is happening after 104 years, this eclipse is also known as the ‘Blood Moon’. This eclipse will last for 1 hour and 43 minutes, which is 40 minutes longer than the last one.


For the Aries, the situations are going to get better. You will notice a relief from some problems as well as all the tensions, along with the time which is turning more auspicious. For donation: Gur, sweets, red flowers and red cloth. Advantage: Will get you rid of Manglik-Dosha, improves love life and general obstacles in marriage.


Expect lots of monumental realizations over the next several weeks, but try to avoid unnecessary confrontation. During this phase, in case you feel as you are being misunderstood, don’t be afraid to clarify your opinion. For donation: Rice, sugar, milk and white flowers. Advantage: Will improve your self-confidence and will bring prosperity in relationships.


Individuals falling under this Zodiac might have to go through some physical problems. Hence, the eclipse might not be good for them. So better take care. For donation: Green cloth, vegetables, grains, and sandalwood. Advantage: Improves health, studies, and concentration power.


This eclipse will totally rock your world. It will bring major changes in your life. In fact, every aspect of your life will experience this shift. For donation: Rice, silver utensils and milk products. Advantage: Will bring gain in business and foreign land trips.


The people with this zodiac will get success in all their tasks and respect in the society will increase. For donation: Red clothes, sindoor, and candles. Advantage: You will get name, fame, and recognition.


During this lunar eclipse phase, make sure that any major secrets which you hold are securely locked. Otherwise, you may see a time that will not be supported by others. For donation: Vegetables, books, copper, flowers, moong dal, and foodgrains. Advantage: Good results in higher studies and success at work.


People with Libra as Zodiac sign need to stay away from any kinds of fights or arguments. For donation: Rice, sugar, and sandalwood. Advantage: Improves love and desire to resolve conflicts peacefully.


This lunar eclipse will bring some good news for you; hence the time will be good for them. For donation: Sweets, red flowers, and woolen garments. Advantage: Overcomes Manglik Dosha, aids family bliss, self-confidence and discipline in life.


The area connected to professional aspirations and public image will be activated. Also, a powerful bond will be formed between romance and prosperity. Donations: Chana dal, yellow flowers, Chandan, haldi, and utensils. Advantage: Promotion in career and good results in competitive exams.


For the people of this zodiac, the mental tensions might increase, there being chances of monetary loss. For donation: Oil, black clothes, iron and black dal. Advantage: Improves health, upliftment of spiritualism and success.


People with this zodiac sign need to be careful of the hidden enemies who might try to plot against them. For donation: Foodgrains, flowers, rice, dal, and blanket. Advantage: Success in long journeys. Victory over enemies and court cases.


Individuals who fall under the Pisces Zodiac, one of your biggest tensions will be removed with there being the chances of monetary benefits. For donation: Yellow flowers, haldi, clothes, and towel. Advantage: General prosperity in life, good results in competitive exams and elevation in rank.

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