He makes money in Wall Street and feeds poor people and stray animals in ‘main streets’

Published On: July 31, 2021 12:57 PM NPT By: Kunga Hyolmo

KATHMANDU, July 31: Navaneet Koirala, CEO and Founder of Koirala Capital LLC, and President and Founder of K Foundation Global Inc, currently studying Corporate and Personal Finance at Harvard University, can be best described as a philanthropist and an entrepreneur, who has made innumerable contributions to society.

Koirala is currently living in the United States of America and working at Wall Street. He has been there for 18 years now, but there is barely a day when he hasn't worked to contribute whatever he has earned to feed poor people and stray animals in his home country Nepal.

“Whatever money I was making, I have been donating it to my foundation,” Koirala said, adding that helping his society to prosper makes him happy. “My society and my people have helped me be whatever I am today, so I take it as my responsibility to give back to them.”

As soon as the government enforced a lockdown and prohibitory orders to stem the further spread of COVID-19, poor people and stray animals were the first to struggle for food. Hotels and restaurants were closed; daily wage laborers and poor people were devastated. While the rest of the world was battling COVID-19 pandemic, these people had their own battle to survive.

K-Foundation was therefore feeding these people and animals throughout the pandemic and it still is. When people confined themselves to their houses, closing businesses, markets and restaurants, to stay protected from COVID-19, street people and animals were the one to suffer the most. There was no place for them to go. However, not everyone chose to stay indoors.

The foundation was feeding up to 150 dogs and monkeys a day, when the pandemic was at its peak.

“I am the solo donor and operator of this cause. We are soon to be joined by other organizations as well,” Koirala said. “My foundation also provided relief materials to flood and landslide victims of Melamchi and Lamjung,” he added.

“Animal welfare has been one of the major fields of operation for me and my foundation but we are planning to contribute to other fields as well in the near future,” said Koirala in a phone conversation with repubblica. “We are planning to contribute to the field of education, financial literacy, primary vision care, and women empowerment with a global collaboration.”

“I am eager to help underprivileged kids to have a better and secure future not only in Nepal but also in poor countries in Africa and other regions,” Koirala maintained.

Koirala is also looking forward to building a shelter for stray animals in the near future. “There are approximately 30,000 to 40,000 stray dogs in the Kathmandu Valley. I not only want to feed them but also build a shelter for them,” he said.

He is making money in Wall Street and feeding poor people and stray animals in ‘main streets’ here in Kathmandu.


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