Govt won't stay mum if Biplab keeps wreaking havoc: Dahal

Published On: March 12, 2019 05:30 AM NPT By: SANDESH SHRESTHA

Claims situation was different when he launched his own insurrection

POKHARA, March 12: Chairman of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Monday claimed that the government would not stay mum if the Biplab-led Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) kept on wreaking havoc in the country. The Biplab-led party has been terrorizing the country for the last few years, including with a serious of bomb explosions in the capital in February that left one person dead.

Speaking at a press conference organized by Press Union, Kaski at Pokhara Airport , former prime minister Dahal said that not only will the country suffer but it will be problematic for the CPN also if it does not bring an end to its terrorist attacks.

“No one will benefit from continued conflict as it is high time to build the foundations of socialism through democracy,” he said. Condemning Biplav's activities, he said the CPN was trying to emulate the decade-long armed insurgency led by Dahal himself.

“The situation was different 25 years ago,” Dahal said. “The current government is committed to social justice and socialism and we would welcome the CPN if it ended its violence and entered mainstream politics.”

Dahal also claimed that it was not necessary harbor doubts over the 11-point agreement signed by the government and secessionist leader CK Raut. He claimed that Free Madhes slogans were chanted in Janakpur on Sunday because Raut might not have instructed his cadres to halt the secessionist movement.

Dahal said it was not necessary to dwell on the issue of referendum since the government alone could not decide to hold a referendum. The 'people's mandate' mentioned in the agreement was different from a referendum, he said. “A two-thirds majority in parliament is necessary in order to hold a referendum,” he added. “A referendum cannot be held on the basis of the views of one individual or the government alone.”

Adhikari family member likely to contest Kaski by-poll

Former prime minister Dahal on Monday claimed that it was very likely a family member of the late minister for culture, tourism and civil aviation, Rabindra Adhikari, will contest the by-election to the parliamentary seat he had occupied.

“Adhikari's is a political family, his widow Bidhya has the qualities of leadership,” Dahal said. “We will also consider the views of the party office in Kaski before taking a decision about the candidacy.”

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