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Published On: July 1, 2016 04:00 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

The list of devices out there is basically endless. Electronics in this day and age have become an absolute necessity. But still, among the masses of our daily devices, there are some gadgets that stand head and shoulders apart. Not only do they serve as great conveniences and help improve our efficiency, but at the end of the day, they just do some really neat things. 

The Week brings you a list of such amazing gadgets, the stuff of every tech savvy person’s dreams.

UE Boom 2 speaker

Hands down one of the most popular speakers on the block at the moment, UE Boom 2 has craved quite the niche for itself in this competitive business. The most recently updated in Logitech’s Ultimate Ears speaker line now lasts for up to 15 hours of playtime, making it an affordable option that delivers heart-pounding 360-degree sound.
Besides being a reliable Bluetooth speaker, the UE Boom 2 is also equipped to receive firmware updates via the UE apps for iOS and Android. The most recent update introduced a new Block Party feature, so that three smartphones can be hooked to it to take turns playing music. Only one person has to have the UE app installed and the other devices can play music from their streaming service of choice, whether that be Spotify or Apple Music.

If your friend happens to have a UE Boom speaker too, you can link them up using the app to double the volume. You can also designate a left and right speaker to create stereo sound.

Music lovers: Archer Vinyl Record Player

So we may have to scour outside our local market for this particular purchase but Archer Vinyl Record Player has become a coveted item for all music lovers around. Technology moves so fast. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of what it was like to listen to music back in the day. The Archer Vinyl Record Player does just that, bringing the classic turntable to the modern era, complete with an auxiliary input in case you need to play music from your smartphone.  

Made by Electrohome, the 100-year-old consumer electronics brand, this record player is housed in a ’60s-style black suitcase so you can carry it to your next shindig. Just make sure to secure the tone arm when traveling so you won’t damage the diamond-tipped needle, the tiny piece of equipment responsible for delivering that warm, high-fidelity sound to the built-in stereo speakers. In addition to playing old-school records, the Archer record player can be used as a set of speakers.

iON SnapCam

Since the evolution of social media, and the development of mobile phones coming with cameras, more and more of us are taking pictures every day. Since the rest of the world is taking the same pictures, it’s about time we made our pictures stand out from the masses of photos uploaded on the Internet every day. Thus we present to you, the iON SnapCam.

This isn’t your typical camera. Indeed, it takes amazing video and connects wirelessly to your smartphone for instant uploading, but here’s the SnapCam difference – you wear it. At 1.5 inches square and weighing less than an ounce, the SnapCam attaches directly to your clothes with a clip or magnet. And when you’re ready to shoot, just tap the SnapCam once, twice, or three times for immediate stills, video, or live streaming. The SnapCam is the first of its kind, and it’ll change the way you capture your favorite memories forever.

Photography enthusiasts: 3 in 1 Universal Clip Lens

Easily available in Nepali market, the 3 in 1 Universal Clip Camera Lens allows you to take remarkably high quality photos using your phones camera. Three lenses are included in the set to give your photography a variety of new options. The Wide Angle Lens will extend your photos with an extra 180 degrees getting into your shot, perfect for shooting landscapes and big group shots.

The Fish Eye Lens is similar to the Wide Angle Lens as it gets more in the shot but adds a curved effect to the image. The third lens is arguably our favorite as the imagery is sharp and clear. The Macro Lens is used to achieve extremely close up shots, showing the incredible detailing of your subject.
Each of these lenses are easy to attach to your phone and don’t need any special case fittings or apps to be downloaded. Simply screw your chosen lens on the grip, place over the camera on your phone or tablet and you can instantly enhance your photography without spending hours on Photoshop.

Health freaks: Xiaomi mi wrist band watch

One of the more popular wearable fitness gizmos available in our local market happens to be the Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse. They makes themselves useful by doing quite a few things like tracking your running and walking, monitoring your sleep, sending data and analytics to the Mi Fit app, waking you up with an alarm, taking your pulse, and buzzing you if your phone rings.

Weighing only 5.5g (0.19 ounces), it’s barely noticeable on the wrist. The pliable band is thin around the reverse of your wrist, so you won’t notice it too much when you’re resting your forearm on the desk to type. This gadget has also been hailed for its really good battery life – an estimate of two weeks. Then there is the accuracy of the gizmo’s tracking ability. Many users have been impressed by it. Once you get to grips with Xiaomi’s own sporty app, called Mi Fit (it’s available for iOS and Android), you will have a Xiaomi account that will give you basic details on how you can get started with your personal daily steps goal.

Gamers: The VR BOX

There are some less expensive options that need less expensive tech. Unlike the Oculus here you won’t need an ultra-expensive computer to run games and applications. What they do is simply use the smartphone as a display.

These rudimentary VR kits basically allow you to enjoy a private visual feast starting from the price range of around Rs 1,000. It brings you a wonderful experience of watching movies and playing games with super 3D picture effect. It has flexible and adjustable headband that is suitable for different people and just in case, you are concerned about visual fatigue, fret not. Since it has resin lens, it guarantees that you won’t feel dizzy even after using it for a long time. What you might need to know though is that in order to benefit from a VR experience special applications and games need to be installed. The smartphone does not convert automatically into a VR headset.



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