Friction with representatives makes administrative chiefs seek transfers

Published On: December 9, 2018 02:30 AM NPT By: YUVRAJ BIWAS

DAMAK, Dec 9: Sagar Mishra assumed office as chief administrative officer of Gauradaha Municipality little more than a year ago. But he has already asked for his transfer three times, citing lack of a proper working environment.

His transfer has been obstructed by the line ministry or by other officials at the municipality.

Similarly, Santosh Ghimire, chief administrative officer at Haldibari Rural Municipality, is seeking a transfer also. He has been widely praised by locals for bringing in sound projects. But he does not want to stay on, and he cites similar reasons.

"There is no unity among the elected representatives. We are officials of the federal government and it is our responsibility to obey the law. But we are compelled to make decisions that are against the law," said Mishra. Differences between Mayor Rohit Kumar Sah and Deputy Mayor Gita Bhetwal have left Mishra caught in the middle.

"It's difficult to work due to the opposing pressure from two groups," he laments. He still is trying to get a transfer.

Mishra accuses Mayor Sah of lack of cooperation. Sah for his part has accused Mishra of delay in the publication of a gazette. "So far, I have not been handed over the legal power or a work plan for preparing a gazette. I have been blamed for no fault of my own," Mishra complained.

Meanwhile, the ward chiefs in Haldibari are demanding that the chief administrative officer be prevented from spending the budget. All five ward chiefs met with Ghimire to hand over to them the authority to spend the budget. Stating that this was against the law, Ghimire refused to oblige .

That has led to another development. According to him, he has been pressured by various groups to give in to the ward chiefs. This is why he now wants a transfer.

Ghimire has been subjected to wide criticism in social media, with various allegations leveled against him. "It won't be right for me to remain here with all those allegations," he said .

Ghimire has also stated that he feels unsafe due to all the threats and warnings he receives. He sees transfer as the only option for him.

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