FNCSI expects country to move toward economic prosperity

Published On: December 11, 2017 02:51 AM NPT

KATHMANDU (REPUBLICA): Federation of Nepal Cottage and Small Industries (FNCSI) has thanked the government, election commission, political parties and the people for their roles in successful completion of parliamentary, provincial and local elections. Issuing a statement on Sunday, the federation expressed hope that the country will now move toward economic prosperity after the end of the transition period.

"The role of the new government should now be to fulfill the promises on economic development that the winning parties made in their manifestos. The fresh results of the elections are indicating that a stable government is going to be formed after a series of unstable ones, which is a matter of happiness for all sectors including the business," the federation added in the statement. Stating that cottage and small-scale industries play a crucial role in creating employment opportunities, the federation said that the new government should focus on supporting the establishment and promotion of such industries.

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