Five ways to make your resume stand out

Published On: May 22, 2017 11:20 PM NPT By: Akanksha Budha

KATHMANDU, May 22: All of us have to come out of our shells, our comfort zones one day. That’s the day when we have to face the real world. And the first step for us to enter adulthood or the real world is to find a job which might seem easy at first. But many people fail to see the struggles of finding a decent job. And for that you require a perfect resume to secure your dream job. Your resume will describe your qualification and your personality to the hiring manager. In the piles of hundreds of resumes, here are five ways to make your resume stand out.

Never lie on your resume
This is the one thing that you should never even think of doing. While lying on your resume might get you past the background check but you will get caught in the web of your own lies once you start working. If you said you had certain skills then your boss will be expecting you to show them in the job and if you can’t manage to perform them, then you can bid your job a goodbye. 

Stay professional
While you might want to rant about your previous boss if you had any. But I suggest you to not go into that territory. Just stay clear from mentioning your hobbies and your political interest in your resume and keep it strictly professional. 

Make sure it has no errors
Before you hand in that resume make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements and that there are no typos whatsoever. Make sure your resume has no errors and is easy to read. Maintain proper English and avoid misunderstandings. 
Don't overuse the fonts and colors
Avoid making your resume too colorful or too extravagant. Don’t overuse your fonts and colors because you might end up making your resume look like a page from a child’s coloring book. Use subtle colors to highlight the important bits and be conservative with the colors to make it stand out from the black and white resumes. 

It can be longer than a page
Just keep in mind that your resume can be longer than a page. But don’t forget to keep the important bits of information like your accomplishments, experiences and qualifications in the first page and the others in the second if needed.  

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