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Published On: July 28, 2017 11:55 AM NPT By: Swasti Gautam

Ten Instagram accounts that will take care of all your luxury needs  

Most of us spend hours on Instagram looking at interesting products that aren’t available in Nepal. We want them but we can’t have them, not unless we can coerce a friend or relative who lives abroad to get them for us. But we don’t have to do that anymore for we can get really good and quirky items here too. There are many Nepali Instagram accounts that feature interesting products, ranging from stationery to jewelry. You don’t just have to drool over them. You can finally have them, all at reasonable prices to boot. Make sure you finish your work before you go through these accounts though as they will surely keep you hooked by making you scroll down to the very end of each page, and that’s going to take a while.  

AAMO by Aayusha Shrestha

This Instagram page has a wide range of jewelries for both women and men in brass and silver with gold plating. Jeweleries designed with natural stones are also available. Those who love jewelry will definitely like the modern take to it. “As a conceptual jewelry designer, each piece has its narrative and my inspiration for the design is in Nepal’s very diverse culture or my personal experiences,” says Aayusha Shrestha. Their quirky designs and unique display will surely compel you to scroll through the page over and over again. According to Aayusha, all their jelwelries are locally handcrafted by the local artisans around Kathmandu. Along with displaying the current collection, the Instagram page also informs the viewers about upcoming designs. Each piece shown on the page has a narrative just below it that will tell you why and how the product was crafted. “As a startup, the easiest and the most sensible option was an online social media platform. Not only did it allow me to launch by brand without extra financial support but it also made it easily accessible to the public,” she concludes. 

The Mint Studio 

From themed party props, creative key chains, bed sheets, bags to windcheaters this Instagram page has a lot to offer. “The Mint Studio is a lifestyle inspired page that intends to add a creative touch to your usual routine,” says Ayushree Thapa, marketing director at The Mint Studio. “The idea behind creating such a brand was to sell interesting products related to Nepali lifestyle unlike the other products found in our local markets,” she adds. This brand believes in solving your day-to-day problems in a trendy way. You only have to look at their dust protection and UV protection windcheater that will completely protect you from the pollution in Kathmandu. The Mint Studio sells products made in Nepal that are strong, durable, and reliable. You can even spot products based on your favorite character or sitcom on this page. “All the products in this store are reasonably priced and the designs are perfect for people who prefer simple yet trendy products,” says Thapa.


“This page is meant for all bike lovers,” says Raajib Sayami. “Personally I have always been fascinated by motor cycles. There are many vintage motorcycles in Nepal that have just been dumped as they seem to be of no use. I love vintage motor cycles and my aim is to make these dead motor bikes kept in junkyards alive again,” he adds. RS Moto reforms old motorcycles and makes them extremely attractive and ready to use. If you have a vintage motorcycle, RS Moto is definitely the page you must visit. Their Instragram page will surely leave you awestruck for their creativity is beyond imagination. They have the ability to turn old bikes into a classy vehicle that is sure to turn many heads on the road. RS Moto even has a café and sells numerous locally made products such as backpacks and skateboards, all at reasonable prices.  

Bhav Products

 “When I first made a notebook, it was an attempt to create the best notebook for my own use,” says Bhintuna “Jya-poo”, founder of Bhav Products. “Soon, I realized that there were many people like me in Nepal who loved stationery and would not hesitate to invest on them. That is how my journey began,” she adds. Bhintuna is a graphic designer who has been able to creatively design notebooks, diaries, and sketchpads to give them an authentic Nepali feel. Their notebooks, notepads and diaries have strong coves and a long lasting finish. The sketchbooks are in the perfect size and are especially designed for art lovers. The graphic designs on these stationery items are innovatively deliberated and can be perfect gifts on numerous occasions. Nepali market has a very few products to choose from when it comes to stationery. You often have to compromise on the quality and design. If you are looking for simple yet authentic Nepali designs then you must visit Bhav Products on Instagram. “Do not worry about the pages inside as this brand never compromises on its quality,” says Bhintuna confidently. 

Studio Sarcastic 

“I used to love doodling about everything and anything. Every conversation becomes an art in my head which I try to pen down interestingly,” says Sneha Koirala, founder of Studio Sarcastic. “Our primary aim at Studio Sarcastic is to illustrate numerous things that Nepalis can relate to and sell them in the form of our products,” she explains. Growing up in the cities of Nepal, all of us have different yet similar experiences and a variety of problems that we can completely relate to. With witty quotes and humorous designs, they have got it all covered. According to Koirala, the whole idea of making an Instagram account was to make all their products easily accessible to their customers. And the page will not fail to overwhelm you with colors, fun quotes, and exciting designs. Even if you aren’t in the buying mood, you will definitely enjoy browsing through their page. 

Little Things 
“It all began with a random idea of making happy, quirky, and perhaps corny cards and we soon implemented that idea to star our business,” says Abha Dhital, co-founder of Little Things. “We loved scribbling and creating hilarious illustrations. Along with numerous experiments and creating random and new ideas we also gave shape to those ideas each time we thought about them,” she explains. Little Things primarily sells cards for all occasions but they have now expanded themselves as a design based brand where they sell printed apparels, tote bags, and posters among other things. This interesting page finds inspiration anywhere and from everyone. They make interesting puns out of classical songs, funny incidents, and awkward talks with strangers that you are sure to love.


“Our focus is to mainly use traditional Nepali art in modern forms,” says Kreeti Shakya, founder of Allare. “When we first began creating our products it was like an educational platform for us where traditional Nepali iconography was projected in a fun way,” she adds. According to Shakya, their love for design not only makes them create the products but bring out tales and stories about what went behind each product that they sell. In Allare, traditional art is reproduced in such a way that they are functional and easy to use. Allare offers you fun games, artistic bottle openers, creative bookmarks, and many more designer products that look so authentically Nepali that you will soon be recommending them as gifts to take for people abroad, if not use it yourself. “Allare means a person who wanders. Our products are for those who love innovation and enjoy quality goods produced in Nepal,” she concludes. 

Hatti Hatti
“Hatti Hatti is an organization that runs with the ideology that everyone deserves to lead a happy life despite of their ethnicity, sexuality, and culture,” says Sunaina Singh Shrestha, project coordinator at Hatti Hatti. “Presently Hatti Hatti has six women employees who tailor the products. We not only educate these women and provide them with trainings to enhance their skills but we also teach them to become an independent entrepreneur,” she explains. Along with offering a wide range of products well within your budget, they also provide you an option of exchanging old saris for new clothes. “Our products are made out of old saris that we collect from various platforms. When we run low on saris, we put up the offer for exchange. Give us four old saris and take a new product in exchange for it,” says Shrestha. This Instagram page has a variety of dresses, bags, bow ties, shirts, and kimonos to offer. Apart from giving new life to old clothes, Hatti Hatti is also empowering women through their work. And by buying these products you not only gift yourself a stylish Nepal made product but you even lend a helping hand to the marginalized women of our country.  

“Butta, in the literal sense of the word, means pattern or design. Butta, as a company, is a platform for designers that allows them to earn from their art,” says Sabin Bhandari, founder/CEO at Butta. Butta manufactures products using designs given to them by the artists. “The designers just have to design the products and they earn their share of the profit. They do not need to worry about selling their products as we market and sell them. Butta is, thus, an artist community based company,” explains Bhandari. On this Instagram page, you will primarily find interesting, cute, and hilarious t-shirts. Apart from them, Butta also sells sweatshirts, tank-tops, hoodies and everyday items like tote bags and stationeries. Be on the lookout for new and interesting designs on their Instagram page.  

The Local Project Nepal

“The Local Project Nepal is a hub for stores creating and selling authentic local products.  The store operates on the concept of empowering the local market and producers. We also provide a diverse selection of authentic locally made products to our customers,” says Binam Shakya, co-founder of The Local Project Nepal. “Our vision was to create and sell Nepali products to help the local market and some of the underprivileged communities to build their livelihoods,” adds Sachin Shrestha, co-founder of The Local Project Nepal. With more than twenty different Nepalis brands, their Instagram page comprises of products ranging from furniture, home decor, travel essentials, apparels, backpacks, bags, stationery, mugs, jewelries, and sleepwear. 

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