Election fervor grips parties, voters

Published On: April 3, 2017 09:58 AM NPT By: Mahesh Kumar Das

MAHOTTARI, April 3: People are taking about local elections only at teashops, colleges and other public places these days. Though Madhes was not very happy about the new constitution and so was its reaction to the announcement of local polls, the scenario has now changed. 

From dawn to dusk, all people talk about is election and only election, Ashok Sah, President of Nepali Congress, Mahottari and the party's mayoral candidate, said. “Be it over phone or while watching television, or with friends, locals are talking about election candidates only,” he said. “They have assessing candidates profile and debating their winning chances,” Sah added. 

The elections are scheduled for May 14. Aspiring candidates, leaders and cadres of political parties as well as voters are analyzing candidates and their chances of winning anxiously. Sah said the public talks are mostly centered on 'who will win' the elections?

Interestingly, sources reported that United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) has also been making huge preparations for the election in its own way though apparently it is still bargaining with the government and showing reluctance to participate in the elections. “Nepali Congress, UML and Maoists have started campaigning in full swing. Not only them, even the UDMF is doing it covertly,” said the source. 

As there are possibilities that UDMF can try to disturb the atmosphere, political parties are carrying out their election campaigns very carefully. “Political parties are campaigning actively but they have not been able conduct their activities because of the UDMF. Even though UDMF has opposed the elections, general public is looking forward to it. They want the government to take Morcha in confidence and hold elections on the said date,” the source said. 

Madhav Mandal, a CPN UML leader claimed that their party would get over 75 percent of the votes. “We are strong at the grassroots, regional and central level. It's very organized and we are expecting to get over 75 percent votes,” he said. “In Mahottari, our party is going to be the topmost party,” he added. 

Bhavesh Karna a resident of Jaleshwar - 4, said that both the voters and contestants are quite excited. “The election fervor is getting intense.  Everyone is talking about election and only election. But we do not know which party is going to sweep it,” he said. “Public is really happy that local elections are finally going to be held after two decades,” he added.

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