Drug abuse declining in Tikapur

Published On: August 10, 2018 07:20 AM NPT By: Yogesh Rawal

TIKAPUR, Aug 10: Drug abuse in Tikapur Municipality of Kailali district has decreased in recent times, thanks to the efforts made by the local security bodies. Only one incident of drug abuse was reported in the last fiscal year, against 27 such incidents in the previous fiscal year.

During the last fiscal year, police had arrested 53 people for drug abuse while seven others are at large. They confiscated 75.25 g of brown sugar, 7.340 kg hashish, 874 sets of Nitravet Tablet, 283 sets of Spasmo Tablet and 18 sets of other tablets.  

According to the data maintained by police, majority of the incidents were reported in June of the fiscal year 2016/017. Seven incidents were reported in the duration while police managed to arrest 11. Only one incident was recorded in July and two more incidents took place oin December. Ten people were arrested in the duration while five others are at large. 

In fiscal year of 2015/016, eight incidents had taken place. Police had arrested 19 people and confiscated 19.20 g of brown sugar, 65 kg of hashish and 233 Nitravet tablets. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Shiv Bhadur Singh prioritized awareness against drug abuse and maintained strong stance against people abusing drugs. In his tenure, he ran 67 awareness programs in schools and localities. 

“I gained public support because I adopted both awareness programs and also took action against drug abusers at the same time,” said DSP Singh. 

According to police, the arrest of Indian citizen Mikka Singh and three other drug suppliers from Tikunia played a significant role in decreasing drug abuse in the municipality.  Indian authorities arrested them with the support from Nepal Police. Mikka Singh’s house was raided by 12 Indian policemen. Indian police confiscated brown sugar worth Rs 650,000 and Rs 700,000 in cash from his house, informed the DSP Singh. 

“One of the Indian police officers and I had received training together. That made it easier to arrest Mikka Singh. Now drug dealing at Tikunia has completely stopped,” he said.

As the supply of drugs from Tikunia has stopped, other drug dealers have chosen Rupaidiha for supplies. Police said they are trying to plug all borders holes through which illegal drugs are being supplied.

Area Police Office, Tikapur, has mobilized 12 police personnel and provided them with six motorbikes in their efforts against drugs abuse.  Police have formed 32 local security committees. The committee coordinates with security personnel and feeds them information on incidents of drug abuse, helping them to make arrests.

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