Disasters strengthening 'we-feeling' between Tarai and hill people

Published On: January 28, 2018 04:30 AM NPT By: Mithilesh Yadav

LAHAN, Jan 28: After the catastrophic earthquake of 2015, locals from various districts of Tarai showered their love on their neighbors from the quake-affected hilly districts by providing relief including cash for them. Now, as the biting cold takes its toll on the lives of the people in Tarai, their neighbors from the hilly districts are doing their best to help them to cope up with it.

On Saturday, a group of four youths including Bharat Shrestha from Gorkha reached Tarai to distribute blankets and warm clothes to the cold victims of Siraha and Saptari. By collecting money from the locals of Gorkha, Shrestha and his friends managed to buy blankets for the cold victims in Tarai. After distributing blankets to 122 poor people of Siraha and Saptari, Shrestha said, "We were disheartened to see the miserable condition of the people here." According to him, it's not the cold, but poverty which is killing people.  

"How can we forget the contribution of the Tarai people during our suffering days after the earthquake?" Shrestha asked. He further said that disasters have strengthened the solidarity between the locals of Tarai and hills. "Disasters have taught us that nothing can be greater than humanity in this world," said Shrestha, adding, "Distance, religion, caste, etc can't stop us from supporting each other in times of need." 
The massive relief collected by the locals of Tarai for the people in hills after the deadly earthquake as well as the love, support and concern shown by the people in the hilly region for the people in Tarai is commendable, according to Durga Prasad Mahato, an intellectual of Lahan.   

 On the same day, warm blankets were distributed to 22 poor families of Lahan Municipality-12. the blankets were sent by the Gorkha Social Family (GSF). Badri Prasad Chaudhary, ward chief of Lahan Municipality-12 expressed thanks to the members of GSF who reached Lahan to help the cold victims." I salute the helping hands that have come to the aid of the Madhesi people from so far," said ward chief Chaudhary. He stated that this is a perfect example that proves that we all Nepali citizens are tied to the common bond of humanity.

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