Curbing brain drain

Published On: April 11, 2017 12:30 AM NPT By: Sonam Lama

Kathmandu, April 10: As ever-growing emigration of skilled and professional people to foreign countries poses a significant threat to the country’s development, it leaves numerous questions unanswered. Are we carving our skills to serve ourselves? Are we learning better to groom ourselves? 

Human capital flight, commonly known as brain drain, implies to the migration of skilled and professional individuals in search of better opportunities. Since our pace of development has been hampered by such practices, it is high time that we sought effective ways to fight brain drain. Below are some of the measures that could be adopted to prevent brain drain.

Ample employment opportunities
Since every individual wants a secure and sound future, providing ample employment opportunities to them could certainly discourage human capital flight. As people have more career choices, they might not think about leaving their country.

Smart earning
No one likes being underpaid. They want their pay to match their job profiles so that they could live a happy, dignified life. Also, people no longer only think about meeting their everyday expenses. So it’s important that employers offer them what they deserve.

Strict implementation of law
The laws that ensure pay raises should be strictly implemented. The government, or law enforcement agencies, should play a proactive role to ensure these laws are implemented. Making salary structures on a par with international standards could be a sound measure to prevent brain drain. 

Strengthening internal and political stability
Peaceful environment is a prerequisite of a happy and healthy living. As humans innately possess the “fight or flight response”, it is inevitably plausible for them to flee, if they are unable to fight, in search of a secure living. So it’s important that their political, social, cultural, religious rights are protected. 

Improved standard of education
An improved standard of education could also contribute to efforts to curb brain drain. This could encourage the youths to opt for studies in one’s home country. 

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