Construction of micro industrial village still pending

Published On: September 7, 2017 08:48 AM NPT By: Siddharaj Rai

DHANKUTA, Sept 7: Industrialists of Dhankuta are waiting for the construction of micro industrial village that has been pending till date. 

Cottage and Small Industry Development Committee of the Ministry of Industry had announced that a micro industrial village would be constructed in the land of Industrial District Management Ltd 10 years ago. But nobody has information about when the construction will take place. 

Even Satya Narayan Rai, acting director at industry development section of Dhankuta Municipality, who is responsible for the construction work, does not have information regarding it. 

“The construction is happening every year but its operation is like a dream. We don’t know when it will start operating,” Rai said. 

Most of the industrialists are waiting for the micro industrial village to start operating soon. But their dreams have shattered every year. 

It has been six years that Bishnumaya Kandangwa, proprietor of Kabita Fruits Industry, had planned to start juice industry in the industrial village. She has started goat farming in a private land nearby the industrial village. 

“My years-long dream is yet to come true,” Kandangwa said: “Nevertheless, as the construction is taking place, we still have hope that it might be completed sometime.”

Through the micro industrial village, the government had planned to unify cottage industries in a single place to serve the customers. 

The Department of Cottage and Small Scale Industries located at Tripureshwar, Kathmandu, had prepared the Detailed Project Report (DPR) and started the project. 

Acting director Rai said that on the basis of the DPR, the ownership of land under Industrial District Management Limited has been transferred to Cottage and Small Industry Development Committee to go ahead with the construction. 

According to the DPR, the village is supposed to install three-phase electric power, manage drinking water road, and keep watchmen in its premises.

Last year, 700-meter-long fencing had been constructed and soling of 500-meter-road had been done with an investment of Rs 114 million. In the Fiscal Year 2014/15, a house to accommodate watchmen had been constructed with an investment of Rs 2.5 million. 

This year there is a plan of constructing a building to administer the industrial village. A fund of Rs 350 million has been raised for the construction of the building.

Department of Urban Development and Building Construction is working on the estimate according to the budget. Rai said that the construction work will start from January. 

After the procurement of land from the locals in 1983, Industrial District Management Limited had constructed road, drinking water and some buildings by investing Rs 5.6 million. A drinking water tap constructed then is being used by the locals till now. There are 62 ropanis of land for the construction of micro industrial village.

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