CIB unveils clever tactics of smugglers: Pilgrims visiting Pashupatinath Temple used for transporting smuggled gold

Published On: August 26, 2023 08:40 AM NPT By: Tapendra Karki

KATHMANDU, Aug 26: In a recent development which sheds light on the extent of gold smuggling in Nepal, a peculiar example has come to the forefront involving the distribution of golden bowls (kachaura) and water pots (ankhora) to female visitors after their trips to the Pashupatinath Temple.

Gold smuggling is rampant in Nepal as reports unveil the cunning tactics employed by smugglers. One striking example involves the transportation of gold in water pumps and motorcycle brakes. And, the same gold is used to make utensils for domestic purposes. In this way, bowls and water pots are made to easily transport gold smuggled from China to India. 

The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police, which is investigating the gold smuggling case, has unveiled this fact after investigation. However, the investigating officers have not been able to nab the masterminds involved in smuggling.

According to CIB sources, it has been found that Indian nationals are kept in hotels in Thamel to transfer smuggled gold, especially women who are sponsored religious trips to Pashupatinath Temple and are handed over bowls and water pots each. It is said that such water pots and bowls are made of gold on the inside and copper and brass coated on the outside so that no one will have any doubts about it.

According to sources, such goods are prepared in  factories of Nepal and taken to India.

CIB's investigation has revealed that dozens of people from India have transported smuggled gold brought by Chinese gangs to Nepal. It has been found that they used smuggled gold to make various household items and then transport them to India. Even though the CIB is investigating this case, the Special Bureau of Nepal Police is also monitoring it closely as it is a transnational crime.

According to the information given by an officer of the CIB, mostly women are used in the process of transporting gold in the guise of household goods to India.

Transnational gold smuggling is an illegal business that has been carried out for decades. Powerful and influential people are involved in it and therefore no investigation has been able to reach the root of it.

Powerful people have never been caught  in cases of gold smuggling. This is becoming a challenge for the investigation agencies and the officials.

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