#Bansbari land-grab case

Industrialist Binod Chaudhary provides his statements to CIB

Published On: March 21, 2024 11:45 AM NPT By: Samiksha Shrestha

KATHMANDU, March 21: Binod Chaudhary, an industrialist and chairman of CG Corp Global and a Nepali Congress MP, has provided his statement to the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police today. In collaboration with the CIB, the District Government Attorney Office (DGAO) in Kathmandu interrogated Chaudhary this morning regarding the sale and purchase of land belonging to the Bansbari leather shoe factory.

Binod Chaudhary arrived at the DGAO at eight o'clock this morning and provided his statement to the CIB.

Binod Chaudhary has asserted that the Bansbari land issue has been unfairly politicized. He clarified that his visit to the DGAO was solely to cooperate with the investigation, emphasizing that he sees no need to prove his character to any particular group.

He said, “In a deserted place like Bansbari, for which people would not spend a single penny, we established an exemplary model foundation based on public-private partnership on that land 42 years ago. It deeply saddens me that the latest concept has been politicized.”

He claimed that he had never been involved in any kind of party politics or differences among various parties, despite his status as an entrepreneur. However, he asserted that recent circumstances have led to the politicization of entrepreneurs in challenging situations, stressing the importance of economic stability and the role of employers in safeguarding it.

Claiming that he was innocent in the Bansbari land case, Chaudhary said, "It was clearly visible that there is politicization of business, politicization of entrepreneurs, politicization of investors and tax payers."

According to Chaudhary, the private sector, entrepreneurs and investors should be kept away from such controversies.

Stating that the repercussions of his appearance at the CIB have sent wrong message globally, he added, "When a person like me is standing here and addressing an issue, the state should take care of what message the youth of Nepal and all over the world, the employers of Nepal, and the taxpayers will take from this. After my 45 years of journey, I cannot allow someone to tarnish my character.”

Earlier, the CIB informed Speaker Devraj Ghimire that the investigation had started on Binod Chaudhary. In the letter sent by the CIB to Speaker Ghimire on Wednesday, it read that MP Binod Chaudhary is being investigated in the land case of Bansbari leather shoe factory. Parliament Secretariat Spokesperson Ekram Giri said that a letter has been received on this matter. “The CIB has informed the Parliament Secretariat about this matter. This means that MP Chaudhary may be called for questioning by the police at any time,'' said CIB chief AIG Shyam Gyawali. There is also a case pending at the Supreme Court related to this matter.

CIB interrogated Basanta Chaudhary on Wednesday

The CIB of Nepal Police interrogated industrialist Basanta Chaudhary in connection with the purchase and sale of land of Bansbari leather shoe factory on Wednesday. Basanta Chaudhary was called in by the CIB on Wednesday afternoon and was released after interrogation.

Basanta Chaudhary was summoned to inquire about what had happened in the land transaction involving the land of the Bansbari leather shoe factory. The CIB source said that the investigation will not be impacted even if the interrogation is carried out outside the police custody.

The CIB initiated an investigation into the illegal sale of 10 ropanis of land of the government-owned Bansbari leather shoe factory to the privately-owned Champion Footwear Pvt Ltd. Currently, Champion Footwear is closed. And, its property is registered in the name of CG Chandbagh Residency Pvt Ltd.

The investigation began with the arrest of Arun Chaudhary, the younger brother of billionaire businessman and Member of Parliament, Binod Chaudhary, on February 1. Following this development, the CIB questioned Binod's middle brother Basanta Chaudhary on Wednesday and later released him.

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