Building a functional and fashionable wardrobe

Published On: December 13, 2019 11:16 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Ever looked at your wardrobe overflowing with clothes but still felt like you had nothing decent to wear? You’re not alone. A lot of us buy and keep lots of clothes but when it comes to getting ready and curating a perfect outfit, we can’t seem to find anything that looks good. This is probably a sign that you need to clear out and restock your wardrobe. Here, we have broken down the long and arduous task of building a new functional wardrobe from scratch into smaller and doable steps. Just remember that you can’t build a new wardrobe overnight – this is a gradual process that you will accomplish in a few weeks’ time.

Before you start getting rid of your old clothes and buying new ones, you have to figure out your own clothing preferences. You could start by making a Pinterest board and pinning the kind of looks that appeal to you. After you have enough pins there, go through all of them and take notice of the items that come up very frequently. Another thing you need to figure out is the style and kind of clothes you seem to like. For example, is it preppy, casual and street wear style, gothic, androgynous, etc. Your personal fashion doesn’t necessarily have to fit into an orthodox style – it could also be a mix of two, three or more styles.

Analyze your current wardrobe
You should also go through every clothing item you own before deciding to throw them out or donate them. See if what you already own fits the kind of looks you want to create in the future. If it does, then keep the piece. Throw out pieces that don’t fit you anymore, look too old and worn out, or feel uncomfortable. Also see if the pieces you are throwing out could be used if you customize or DIY them a little. Those pair of jeans that look super worn out on the bottom could be turned into a great new pair of cut off shorts.

If there is anything you haven’t worn in a year, you probably will never wear it again. So, it’s better to not keep such pieces however much you like them because they will only take up space in your wardrobe. You should also notice the kinds of pieces you tend to buy a lot but don’t wear enough and make a mental note to avoid buying similar things in the future.

Plan before you buy things
A lot of us shop for clothes very impulsively. You see something you like on display as you are passing by a store and you stop and just buy it there and then. What has made this even easier are online stores. This is a very detrimental habit that will lead you to buy items you’ll only wear once or twice or items that don’t fit with the style aesthetic you have going on. Before buying any article of clothing, think about it. Also, make a list of things that are missing from your wardrobe (items that you will actually wear regularly) and stick to only buying these items that are mentioned on the list while you are out shopping. You could also try to always buy things with cash because that way you will realize how much you are actually spending on your clothing and that will force you to consider if the item you are buying is actually worth it.

Invest in basics
Buying a lot of basic pieces has turned into a sort of cliché in the fashion world that everyone and their mother keeps repeating. But it actually works. Basic pieces are versatile items that go with a lot of looks and can be paired with a lot of other items. Even if you pair them with the most ridiculous piece, you will still look put together because basics neutralize these items. So, it’s important to buy basic pieces that can be worn with a lot of things and all year around. Don’t be scared of investing in good quality basics because they will last you years.

Keep a few safe looks
There will be times when you will be super late to work or a meeting and don’t have enough time to pick out pieces that make up the perfect outfit. So, have a few looks ready for these kinds of situations early on. When you have some 

free time, try out a few clothing items from your wardrobe and take pictures when you come across good outfit combos. Save these and refer to them when you can’t spend a lot of time getting ready. You should have at least one of these combos ready for all kinds of occasions including a meeting, date, casual hang out, and a fancy party.

Learn how to layer
Layering is key when it comes to creating fresh new outfits and looks using the limited number of pieces you have in your wardrobe. So, learning the art of layering will help you come up with new outfit combos and interesting takes on basic pieces. You could start by watching a few videos online or understanding street style looks from various Fashion Weeks around the world because those who walk the ramp do so in the most fascinating layers and pieces. Taking inspiration from them, pick out pieces from your own wardrobe and start experimenting. You will surely be able to put together a few good looks on your own.

Basics to invest in

It might feel wrong to spend a lot of money on something that looks and feels simple but, a lot of times, the basics you invest in last for years and you can use it to create multiple looks. Since we are always talking about how you need to invest in basics and buy basic pieces of good quality, this week we decided to tell you more about the basic pieces you should invest in. Take this list as a guide and pick only those items that fit your personal style.

Great pair of jeans
You probably already know that denim is a really durable fabric so you can rest assured that your pair of jeans will stay in good condition for years, if you pick the right kind. Look for jeans that fit you just right and don’t have any (or minimal) stretch in them. Although the elasticity of jeans makes it more comfortable, stretchable jeans start loosening and tearing up drastically over time.

Sleek turtleneck
Contrary to popular belief that turtlenecks are only for winter, you can actually wear turtlenecks all year round if you pick one in a lighter and breathable fabric. Also buy one that is in neutral shade – that way you can layer it underneath other stuff when it gets chilly outside. It’s also advisable to avoid buying a skintight turtleneck because it will bunch up near your neck very frequently and you will have to keep smoothing it down.

Perfect fit camisole
A camisole is another great piece that can be utilized wonderfully while layering. Although black is the ideal color for a camisole because it will match any other clothing you own, you can also buy one in a neutral or lighter shade. Make sure you check the fabric before you buy a camisole because if the camisole is made from a flimsy fabric, it will get worn out very quickly. Another alternative to camisole is a tank top.

Stylish trench coat
Trench coat is an essential item for winter. Although trench coats of all kinds look good, buy one that has a classic silhouette, design and fit to make sure you have a timeless piece that will never go out of fashion. Black and beige are two of the most flattering colors for a trench coat but you could definitely get a colorful one if you like colorful clothing.

Chic ankle boots
Many people don’t consider ankle boots a wardrobe essential but it really is a versatile item to have. Because there are so many kinds of ankle boots in the market, you could buy one that you feel suits your style. Look out for creases at the front of the boots and avoid buying boots that crease when you bend your feet. Again, the ideal color option here is black but grey, brown or white boots can also be paired with a lot of things. If you want something for fancier events, opt for boots with small heels but for regular use, buy one with a heavy and thick sole minus the heels.

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