Beverage imports on the rise

Published On: August 20, 2018 09:36 AM NPT By: Ritesh Tripathi

Beer imports down

BIRGUNJ, Aug 20: Import of beverages to the country is increasing with every passing year.

According to statistics of Dry Port Customs Office, import of liquors, energy drinks, soft drinks and beverage raw materials increased by 60 percent in Fiscal Year 2017/18 compared to import figures of a year earlier.

Nepal imported 13.5 million liters of non-alcoholic drinks in FY2017/18, compared to 8.4 million liters in FY2016/17. Likewise, import of wines increased by 26 percent to 848,224 liters in FY2017/18. The country had imported 673,767 liters of wine in the previous fiscal year.

However, imports of readymade liquors and beer have come down compared to FY2016/17. Data shows Nepal imported 457,525 liters of bottled liquors in the last fiscal year, compared to 540,448 liters a year earlier. 

This suggests that the trend of blending and packaging liquors in Nepal is on the rise. Rise in import of beverage raw material substantiates this fact. Import of unprocessed liquors skyrocketed to 167,925 liters in FY2016/17, up from just 20,386 liters a year earlier.

Meanwhile, beer imports fell drastically in the review year. Data released by the Dry Port Customs Office shows that beer imports fell to 16,228 liters in FY2017/18, compared to 331,543 liters in the previous fiscal year.

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