Beat the summer heat

Published On: July 28, 2017 10:10 AM NPT

Everybody knows that you have to drink at least eight glasses of water every day but sometimes that gets a little boring and, at the end of the day, you realize that you have only had three or, at the most, four glasses of water. Plain water could definitely use a little oomph, right? The Week is here to help you trick your tastebuds into drinking as much water as possible. These infused water recipes will have you reaching for that glass so frequently that drinking enough water won’t be a problem anymore. From strawberry mint to watermelon basil, here are some fruit infused water recipes that go so far beyond adding a lemon wedge or a slice of cucumber to a jar of water.  

Mojito water

Come happy hour, nix the alcohol and opt for this mojito water instead. Mint and plenty of lime (the more, the better) team up for a light and tart beverage that won’t leave you with a hangover. Add a touch of sugar (or honey) if you’re really looking to trick your taste buds. 

•     1 cup of mint leaves
•     Lemon wedges 
•     Honey or sugar
•     Cold water
•    Ice 

•     You can prepare this glass wise or use a pitcher.
•     For a glass, add two to three lemon wedges and a handful of mint.
•     Add a teaspoon of honey or sugar according to your preference.
•     Top with water and ice.

Watermelon basil concoction 


Watermelon and basil are sort of the unofficial stars of warm weather. Pair them in salads, salsas and, yes, even water. Fill your glass with wedges (including the rind) for a pop of green and pink, but fill with cubes and muddle the melon flesh if you’re going for more of a DIY watermelon water vibe. 

•     2 slices of watermelon, cut into thirds or     quarters
•     Small handful of basil, scrunched
•     Cold water
•     Ice

•     In a large pitcher, put the slices of     watermelon and sprinkle basil on top of it. 
•     Add cold water and ice and you are good to go.
•     You can keep adding water when the water level drops low but for added freshness, replace the watermelon slices every eight hours. 

Lavender lemonade  

Nothing beats lemonade on a hot summer day, right? But instead of syrupy concentrate, make it homemade with fresh ingredients. Lavender adds a uniquely sweet twist that tastes as good as it looks. 

For the Lavender mixture
•     2 cups water
•     ½ cup sugar
•     ¼ cup honey
•     3 tablespoon dried lavender

For the lemonade
•     2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice
•     3 glasses of cold water
•     1 lemon, sliced (for garnish)

•     To make the simple syrup, combine two cups of water and sugar in a small saucepan over medium high heat, bringing to a boil and whisking until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and stir in honey and dried lavender.
•     Cover for about 15 minutes, allowing mixture to steep. Strain lavender, making sure to release all juices and syrup.
•     In a large pitcher, combine freshly squeezed lemon juice, lavender mixture and water. Chill for at least 2 hours and serve over ice. 

Apple cinnamon infusion 

This is the perfect mixture for those who are always dehydrated. It has an interesting taste and you will definitely crave for more after a glassful. Also, cinnamon can help digestion, so this is a great option for hydrating after a meal. You can also add some ginger for an extra zing. Not only does the spicy root have strong digestive powers, it’s also packed with anti-inflammatory properties.

•     1 large apple chopped
•     1 teaspoon cinnamon  
•     2-3 cinnamon sticks 
•     2 tablespoon chopped ginger
•     Ice water 

•     Combine all ingredients in a pitcher with ice water. 
•     Add the cinnamon sticks for a stronger taste.
•     Keep in the refrigerator and continue to add more water as needed. 
•     Infused water will last a couple of days.

Strawberry mint refresher 

Put this fruity water in a pitcher at your next party, or fill up a water bottle for the next time you hit the gym. Simply slice a few berries and drop in a few mint leaves. Expert tip: Tear the leaves before you add them to the mix to release even more robust flavor.

•     6 – 8 sliced strawberries
•     1 cup of mint leaves
•     3 glasses of cold water
•     Ice

•     Put the strawberries, mint leaves, and ice on a large pitcher and top with water. 
•     Continue to fill up the pitcher with fresh water all day.
•     Discard herbs and fruit after 12 hours.  


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