Anachronic war era complaints leave officials in confusion

Published On: July 20, 2016 08:40 AM NPT By: Devendra Basnet

DANG, July 19 : Maoist rebels captured Dangi family's home in Rolpa district during the conflict era. The displaced family got back their house soon after the peace process begun. 

But the consequences of the war continues to haunt the family. Thirteen-year-old Lukmati Dangi, the only daughter in the family, lost one of her hand as an object she found near the house exploded. Lukmati did not realize that the object was a stray bomb carelessly left behind by the rebels. 

This was how Lukmati's father described the incident to the officials of the local peace committee who were collecting conflict era complaints from victims. 

The officials seemed quite confused after hearing the story. 

The truth and reconciliation commission has considers only the incidents that took place between 1996 and 2006 as war time crimes. 

Lukmati's case does not fit the description as the bomb exploded in 2007.  

"We noted his complaint. But we are not sure whether it would be considered valid," said Purnima Gharti Magar, staff at the local peace committee in Rolpa. "The girl's one hand is missing and the family wants compensation," she said. 

According to the committee, around a dozen of complaints from Rolpa fail to meet the timeframe criteria. However, most of them are clearly affected by the conflict. 

"In hope of compensation, some have even come to us to report incidents that took place before the war," she said. 

This has happened not only in Rolpa. Such cases have been reported in Rapti district as well. 

Officials of the local peace committee register such cases based solely on their discretion.  

Several false complaints were noticed even in Dang district. The local peace committee has been refusing to register all cases that don't meet the timeframe criteria. 
Similar problem have been reported from Salyan, Rukum and Pyuthan, among other districts. Meanwhile, Manchala Jha, member of the commission, stated that there is a need of experts to investigate the complaints. "We need experts to deal with the cases," she said.

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