Abortion less of a 'stigma' for women in Dadeldhura

Published On: August 1, 2018 06:00 AM NPT By: Pushkar Bhandari

DADELDHURA, Aug 1: The feeling of shame regarding abortions that existed in the rural parts as early as a few years ago is gradually changing. Those who used to ostracize women for aborting their babies have started encouraging them for safe abortion these days.

People have changed their perspective toward abortion these days. The change has been possible after Multipurpose Development Society (MPDS), Dadeldhura, in coordination with IPAS Nepal started creating awareness among locals aimed at helping the people to change their perception of abortion. These programs have changed the conservative thinking of people towards abortion.In comparison to the past, women are less hated and criticized for going for abortions, said Basanti Karki, a Safe Abortion Service Provider. The number of women opting for safe abortions has increased significantly in the rural parts, according to Karki. Free abortion service and increased awareness has contributed to increasing number of women opting for abortions, say health workers.

In last one year, 216 community interaction programs were conducted by MPDS among women of various communities to lessen the hatred towards abortion. Hira Air, program officer of IPAS Nepal informed that 857 women have admitted that their perception regarding abortion changed after attending the interaction programs thrice.

In Dadeldhura, there are 12 listed health organizations, which carry out abortion. MPDS in coordination with IPAS Nepal has conducted 36 street dramas and spread information through radio to develop positive attitude toward abortions. This has made abortions more effective, according to Bagarkot Health Post.

While 12-listed health posts abort babies up to nine weeks, Sub-Regional Hospital, Dadeldhura and Jogbudha Hospital perform abortion of more than 12 weeks. These days' women do not hesitate to talk about abortion.


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