A day in Boudha

Published On: October 21, 2016 07:30 AM NPT By: REYA SHREYA RAI

The UNESCO World Heritage Center marks Boudha Stupa as the largest Stupa in the world. Even as Boudha Stupa slowly recovers post the earthquake, the surroundings ensure that it’s still a great destination for a peaceful and enjoyable day. 

The Kora and Megh Lama
We make a habit of appreciating the legends that are printed in books and statues and walking past the breathing ones, never knowing the mysteries behind them. Many of you might have noticed the three feet something Lamas around the large Kora at the entrance of the Stupa. Many of you might have grown up greeting them with a smile every time you are there but chances are that a lot of us have let them slip by unnoticed. Megh Lama has been a part of the Boudha family for twelve years now. He cleans around the Kora and helps with the lights. He’s forty-five years old and happily converses with people who approach him. The Kora would probabably be a little incomplete without the essence of the tiny old man.

Stop by at Café Meta for some brunch 
This café offers a variety of warm, drool worthy sandwiches and hot dogs,  not complicated dishes that drive you crazy with which fork to use but twice as good. These tasty dishes can be consumed while seated at the café steps or you can munch on them as you take a leisurely stroll through Boudha. The other specialty of Café Meta is the crispy cool non-alcoholic drinks on the menu. Drinks such as Virgin Mojito are served in test tubes, glowing with green substance and begging for a spot in your Instagram feed. 

Try some Laphing
A trip to Boudha is never complete without some good spicy Laphing. You either love Laphing or don’t. The former easily out shadows the latter but the ones who haven’t tried Laphing are seriously missing out. There are a lot of shops that offer Laphing throughout Kathmandu, but nothing beats the Laphing of Boudha. These spicy treats are 100% pure vegetarian made entirely out of flour. The mushy stuff inside is tofu and the soup comprises of various spices and sauce. We suggest you to take a deep breath, settle down at a Laphing shop in good old Phoolbari, brace your taste buds and treat yourself.

Located amongst commercial buildings and beside a parking space, Michung is a local restaurant at Boudha that has thrived for decades. If you are a momo-lover, Michung is the absolute momo haven for you with delicious steaming hot momos, served with its own momo soup. Rich in taste, thukpa is the second delicious food item on the menu. Michung offers a sanitary environment along with traditionally served dishes and is a must stop for moderately priced steaming hot Tibetan dishes. As winter approaches, we suggest you drop by Michung and indulge in some, hot yummy food.

Dusk in Boudha
As dusk settles, the nooks and crannies around Boudha and its streets light up with hundreds of small diyos that flicker throughout the night and make the whole place shine. People light a candle each for every one of their wishes and a candle for each person that crosses their minds. As the warm yellow glow falls on your face, watch the dispersing crowds from the terrace of the monastery and experience calm like never before.

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