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Published On: October 5, 2018 08:00 AM NPT By: Rea S Mishra

Established six years ago in 2012, Ananda Natural Therapy is one of the only medi spas in Nepal. Ananda consists of not only just a spa but a clinic too. Situated in Thamel, perhaps the most vibrant area in Kathmandu, Ananda Natural Therapy has been a popular destination for both tourists and Nepalis in the area. The ambience is such that you are likely to feel relaxed as soon as you step into the spa and you get a whiff of the beautiful aroma of luxury essential oils, and hear relaxing music as well. 

The Ananda Natural Therapy offers a variety of treatments based on yoga, naturopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. Being a medi spa, there are registered naturopathy doctors available for health check-ups and lifestyle consultations as well. Besides these services, the rest of the staff members for the other treatments are highly trained professionals as well. They are trained to excel in both traditional healing practices as well as modern rejuvenation and well-being techniques. 

This place is a perfect fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary therapies, with specifically designed treatments according to customer preference. Not only this, but manager and owner of Ananda Natural Therapy, Roshan Magar, comments on how hygiene is one of their top priorities. “We meticulously clean and disinfect all our equipment and facilities throughout the day to secure the health and safety of our guests,” he says. 

Magar claims that the idea of opening a medi spa was initially a challenge. Since it was a relatively new concept in Nepal as not many people had an idea about the different medical concepts for a medi spa, it was hard to find people to recruit. However, he claims it wasn’t that difficult after he found the right people as he already had the experience and knowledge to do the rest. “Since I studied natural therapy, yoga, and health assistance among other things abroad as well as here in Nepal too, I wanted to open a medi spa. I wanted to provide a holistic treatment rather than just temporary relaxation,” he explains. 

There are a variety of spa packages, including packages for a single individual and packages for a couple. To celebrate different occasions throughout the year, Ananda Natural Therapy offers exclusive spa packages on these occasions. For example, there are packages available on days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. There are special spa packages at heavily discounted prices every month as well. Additionally, they also have a special rewards program. Whenever a customer refers guests to the spa, the customer will get a discount on the spa services.

The place is open seven days a week, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. With a team of talented and professional therapists to help you at all times of the day, they claim to usually manage last-minute treatment bookings as well. The prices of the massages and treatments are so reasonable (starting at Rs 1500 for Nepalis) that you will want to go back for a session or two every month if not every week. 


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