What has influenced you the most in life?

Published On: March 13, 2020 10:49 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

The environment children grow up in and the things that surround them during their childhood shape their lives to a great extent. But out of all the things that move and inspire us, everyone has that one moment, book, person, movie, quote or experience that stays with them forever. It is what we turn to when things look bleak or what motivates us to keep going when we think we can’t. Here, some people share their secrets.

Rajin Jamakatel, Student
For as long as I can remember, cricket has been the biggest thing in my life. I started getting into it during the 2011 Cricket World Cup and since that time, it’s been an amazing journey. Back then it was all about supporting India and bringing the cup where it belonged. But over the years, the game has turned into something sacred. Every Saturday, every other national holiday, I, along with my friends, used to head to Tundikhel so we could play with friends. I have met dozens of people who have changed my life because of cricket. It’s how I discovered my hero, Brendon McCullum. So yes, growing up, cricket has had a significant impact in my life.

Aabha Pant, Student
My family members will always have the biggest influence in my life. From my dad, I learned to work hard and never give up. His relentless hard work has made it possible for us to lead such a good life. From my mother, I learned that life is a struggle; a balance between good and bad. She has taught me to cherish those moments of happiness and overcome the struggles through constant effort and unshakeable hope. From my brother, I learned to have fun. He’s taught me that it’s okay to lead the life I want to lead and do things that I wish to do. His support and encouragement always has me looking forward to my future instead of dreading it.

Julia Bajracharya Dahal, Artist
As a child, my mum used to tell me a lot of stories across various genres and from what I remember, they always had one moral or another. But most frequently, these stories (which were read to me in Nepali) always had the moral “the satisfied are always happy” and that quote has resonated with me my entire life. Be it work, art or my personal life, I repeat those words in my head over and over until I am filled with a sense of ease and gratefulness. This very quote from the stories that my mother used to read to me as a child is probably the biggest influence that helps me navigate the world even today. 

Aayush Raj Pandey, Photographer
I’ve always been fascinated with water. The fact that it’s so fluid and keeps on flowing despite several hindrances to reach its main destination gives me profound inspiration. During my Bachelor’s second year when I was struggling a little bit, this revelation about how one should shape their mind like water hit me and I still try to emulate that in my daily life. And so, whenever I’m facing some difficulty with anything I try to be as fluid and calm as water and always try to remember that no matter how many hurdles I face, I should always push myself to reach my main goal.

Subash Dahal, Senior officer at NLG Insurance
There have been too many things that have influenced me growing up but if I had to pick a single particular thing that has left the largest impact in my life then it’s my family. I know this sounds a little vague but watching my family go about their lives taught me how to approach life in general. Whenever I get stuck on an issue, I think back on how the other members of my family dealt with similar situations in their lives and come up with a solution. A lot of my likes, dislikes, and preferences in virtually everything are also influenced by my family.

Sarada Khanal, Law student
Books have had the biggest influence on me. The book that has had the most impact in my life is Song of Youth by the Chinese author Yang Mo. I read the Nepali translation of this novel—called Yuwa Haru Ko Geet—right after my SLC and reading about how the speech this girl my age (at the time) gave at her university brought about a revolution inspired me to become a gutsy and confident woman. I also decided to pursue law after reading this book. Apart from this particular title, other books that have influenced me a lot include Salgiko Balatkrit Aashu and Shirish Ko Phool by Parijat.

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