Rara reflections

Lapping up the lakeside experience

Published On: November 9, 2016 09:52 AM NPT By: Suman Shrestha

If idyllic sunrises, lush green forests and a stunning backdrop of the Himalayas isn’t enough then don’t worry, hidden away in the Mugu district there is a place with twice the charm.

Rara has earned its title of ‘Queen of the Lakes’, blessing the mountainous region with its elegance and tranquility. 

My own adventure to Lake Rara began in Chitwan where I caught the early morning bus to Nepalgunj. The journey was long yet the stunning views complimented by clear blue skies made it delightful. Next day from Nepalgunj I caught a flight to Talcha in Mugu district. Regardless of the hair-raising landing, the flight, which passes over the majestic Himalayan region is an incredible experience and adds to the whole adventure. 

Rara has more than just impressive views. I took the opportunity when we were there to try out a plethora of activities such as horse riding and boating on the lake. The boat ride was so serene. Hidden away from the chaos of Kathmandu, we could appreciate the gentle lapping of the waves against the side of the boat and the noise of cows and goats grazing on the bank. The lake is heaven on earth!

I was reluctant to depart but eager to share our stories with our family members and friends. Once in Talcha, I took one final glance of the mountain littered view and climbed aboard the plane for another daring flight back home. 

My experience of Lake Rara was truly unforgettable. The national park, which is maintained by the Nepal Army, is pristine and gives any adventurer the opportunity to get lost in its wonders. If you have the guts to catch the flight over, the lake will treat you to cherished memories of magnificence and serenity. 

Suman Shrestha is a marketing and PR manager in The British College, Kathmandu.

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