Dashain, that time of the year again!

Published On: October 4, 2019 10:58 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

With many Nepalis residing abroad and families thus getting smaller, Dashain perhaps doesn’t have the same appeal as it once did. The Week asked a few people how they felt about ‘the biggest festival in Nepal’. The answers were pretty unanimous – all of them seemed to think Dashain is an important part of our culture that should be celebrated with a happy heart.

Himanshu Goyal, Businessman

I think our culture of putting on tika during Dashain is super important and poignant as it is the one time of the year when everyone gets to catch up with their family members and enjoy one another’s company. I know that more and more people are heading abroad for studies and work but the fact that a lot of them take a break from whatever they’re doing and come back to reunite with their family during this one festival makes me really happy. I see Dashain celebrations as a connecting bridge that reconciles families and strengthens familial ties.

Gaurav Manandhar, Assistant Operations Manager

Ever since my childhood days I’ve always loved the positive and fun vibe of the Dashain and I actually love putting on tika. Dashain is perhaps the only time when I can finally visit relatives I might not have had the chance to meet in a long time. Since I have a big family circle, I sometimes find it hectic and overwhelming to visit each and every home but then I love it all the same. Dashain is a joyous occasion because it’s about getting together, having fun, and celebrating a festival that’s so intrinsic to our culture. I believe Dashain brings people together so I really enjoy it. 

Dibya Karki, Program Development Manager

My favorite thing about Dashain is how getting blessings from elders is such an important and essential part of it. So, I personally really enjoy this festival. But I believe that this is something that can be done all year round and if we do that (throughout the year) then don’t have to put a lot of emphasis on it during Dashain.

The entirety of my dad’s side of the family gathers at our ‘Mul Ghar’ for the Dashain tika. Doing this makes things easier for our whole family as we get to meet the entire family and put on tikka from everyone at a single place, instead of having to waste time commuting to different places. 

Chhitiz Vaidhya, Student

Dashain is an important part of our culture and I hope it will remain so for many years to come. This festival, which celebrates people coming together and having a good time, is exactly what is needed during a time when most of us are stressed with school and work. Though our ancestors started the tradition of Dashain, I believe it’s our duty to preserve it and we have to continue giving it a place in our culture and lives. Personally, I will make sure that I will keep celebrating Dashain no matter where in the world I am later on and I hope others my age will do the same too. 

Rupa Ghising, VJ 

I think as long as we don’t take any pressure about going to many places and manage our time accordingly, Dashain is an incredible festival. Personally, I don’t find it bothersome to visit a lot of places for Dashain’s tika as this festival celebrates togetherness and unity. I believe Dashain gives us an opportunity to bond with our family members and relatives. I also see this as a chance to get some much-needed rest and to relax and rejuvenate as well. It’s a time when you aren’t bogged down by work and meetings and I like that. Dashain has a feel good vibe to it and it’s just the perfect break you can imagine, with the weather being quite wonderful as well this time of the year. 

Shristy Satyal, Student

I personally feel that Dashain is more relevant in today’s times. For most people, their daily lives have become so work-centric that they rarely have time for a break. Most days, we don’t get to meet our loved ones as often as we would like to. Neither do we get to sleep in on weekdays. However, big festivals like Dashain facilitate this. For example, students studying in Kathmandu can go back home and relax. The continuing our tradition aspect is already there but moreover Dashain can be the perfect time to finally get the much-needed respite in our lives.

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