Karnali govt launches campaign to replace tuins with suspension bridges

Published On: August 20, 2019 04:30 AM NPT By: GANESH BISHU

BIRENDRANAGAR, Aug 20: The provincial government of Karnali has launched a campaign to replace tuins (makeshift cable crossings) with suspension bridges in the province. Since traveling via tuins is challenging with many people facing premature deaths every year, the Karnali Province government has launched a tuin-free Karnali campaign.

In the first phase, an integrated detailed report will be prepared through "a strategic study of the situation of tuins in the province". Based on the report, tuins in various districts of the province will be gradually replaced with suspension bridges, according to Karnali's Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport.

According to the secretary at the ministry, Danratna Shakya, a budget of Rs 100 million has been allocated for the project this fiscal year. He stated that the ministry has planned to complete the project in different phases. Previously, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli during his first stint as the country's prime minister had launched a tuin replacement project and some tuins have been replaced because of that campaign.

Last year, the government replaced tuins with suspension bridges at 20 places of the province. Shakya stated that a total budget of Rs 50 million was allocated for that project in the last fiscal year. According to the ministry, altogether 36 suspension bridges are to be built this year.

Since locals and travelers face many hassles to reach their destinations daily, the government had to come up with an organized plan to resolve the problem in the province. Locals said that suspension bridges have become a need after the rise in premature deaths because of using tuins.

The locals are elated after hearing the government's plan to replace tuins with suspension bridges. “The tuins have existed for many years in the province causing many deaths. However, the government's plans to introduce suspension bridges has brought a sense of respite to the locals,” said a local of Humla, Jaya Bahadur Rokaya. “This project shall prove as a boon to the elderly groups, children and persons with a disability,” said Rokaya.

Chairperson of Kharpunath Rural Municipality, Karna Rawal informed Republica that he is also compelled to travel to office by tuin on a daily basis. “I would have to walk for around two hours if I don't opt for the tuin which takes me to my destination in around half an hour. The project will better many people's lives,” said Rawal.

“Kharpunath Rural Municipality is currently working on the project. The construction of two suspension bridges is underway in the rural municipality,” added Rawal.

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