61 MPs elected from Karnali

Published On: December 16, 2022 09:00 PM NPT By: Govinda KC

BIRENDRANAGAR, Dec 16: From Karnali, 61 MPs have been elected directly and proportionally to the Provincial Assembly and the House of Representatives. In the provincial assembly, 24 direct, 16 proportional and in the House of representatives, 12 direct and 9 proportional which summed up to 61 people.

Out of 61 MPs, 38 are men and 23 are women. In Karnali, the district with the highest number of MPs is Dailekh. There are 11 MPs in Dailekh and 10 MPs from Surkhet. In Karnali, there are 25 male and 15 female MPs in the Provincial assembly, while in the House of representative assembly there are 13 males and 8 females.

How many MPs in which district?

There are 4 provincial assembly constituencies and 2 House of Representative constituencies in Dailekh, and there are 11 MPs in Dailekh. Surkhet, which has the same constituency as Dailekh, has 10 MPs. There are 1 House of Representatives and 2 Provincial Assemblies, 6 MPs in Jumla, 7 MPs in Rukum (West), 6 MPs in Humla, 5 MPs in KAlikot, 5 MPs in Salyan, 4 MPs in Dolpa, 4 MPs in Jajarkot, 3 MPs in Mugu and 61 MPs from Karnali, elected as a Member of Parliament. 


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