Birgunj to install 6 CCTV cameras on border

Published On: November 17, 2018 04:20 AM NPT By: Ritesh Tripathi

BIRGUNJ, Nov 17: The movement of people and vehicles at Birgunj, one of the major checkpoints along Nepal-India border is to be monitored by six CCTV cameras.

On Friday, the Shankaracharya checkpoint where the CCTV cameras are to be installed was inspected by a team led by parliamentarian from Parsa-1 Pradip Yadav; the chief of District Police Office, Parsa; Superintendent of Police (SP) Rewati Dhakal; engineer Digamber Singh; and others members of the team who are leading the CCTV cameras installation project.

At the site, parliamentarian Yadav said that a basket fund is being set up for installing the CCTV cameras. “I hope other parliamentarians from the district, local representatives and other stakeholders will contribute to the basket fund,” he said. Saying that one million rupees has been allocated for the purpose under the security budget of Birgunj Metropolitan City, he added that every Birgunj resident wants a safe and secure Birgunj.

The District Police Office (DPO), Parsa stated that CCTV cameras will helpful in making the Birgunj city and the border checkpoint more secure. Many a time, Indian criminals cross into Nepal, commit crime and flee toward to India. Also, the border checkpoint is used by human traffickers.

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