5 things you should not do during sex

Published On: September 3, 2016 04:25 PM NPT

Sex is not what you studied in your biology class back in school or got to know after watching porn videos; real life encounters have far more challenges than you ever thought about. Based on the experiences of few, we list out a couple of things that you MUST avoid to experience an enthralling session!


'Go with the flow' is the mantra for an exciting encounter with your partner. Whether you like it or not, just do what your partner feels most comfortable with. Light on or lights off, which position to try, sex toys or no sex toys, just trust the instinct of your partner and let him/her get you going!

Talk Emotional:

Even though it is believed that girls like to build an emotional connect during sex, but during the deed even they believe in just 'action'. Talking too much can take away the concentration from feeling the pleasure and the moment you do that, the fun goes amiss! Few sentences and words here and there are okay to build the connect or put a word of reaffirmation that you are enjoying the act, but anything more than that might falter the spirit.

Ignore your partner:

Though physically you cannot ignore your partner, just ensure you do not ignore the cues from your partner as well. You need to keep acknowledging his/her reactions and tell him/her constantly that they are the only one you will ever need. Compliments can act as a power booster to your play!

Wash off:

It is understandable that you require a wash after you've made some passionate love, but if you run immediately to take one, it might send wrong signals to your partner. Body fluids might be irritating, but do not make the situation offensive for the other. Instead, turn it into a 'shower session' which will solve both the purposes.

Finish fast:

It is not a game and your partner is not your opponent that you need to finish faster than him/her. If you face an issue of premature ejaculation, try to divert your mind, which will help you to 'hang on' for long!

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