Traffic police seek installation of traffic lights in Pokhara

Published On: July 9, 2018 07:27 AM NPT By: DHAN BASNET

POKHARA, July 9: District Police Office (DPO), Kaski has urged the government to support installing traffic lights in Pokhara for proper traffic management. The office claimed that lack of traffic lights have created difficulties in managing nearly 150,000 vehicles in the city. 

Traffic lights installed in the city around one and a half decades ago are in ruins. Shrijana Chowk, Chipledhunga, Mahendra Bridge among other areas of Pokhara had traffic lights. 

However, those lights could not remain functional for long, making it very difficult to manage the growing number of vehicles every day. At the moment, at least one traffic police has to be at each crossroads to manage traffic.  According to Om Rana, chief of the DPO, there is a need to install traffic lights and overspeeding control device in places prone to road accidents. “We are also giving attention to improve the behavior of traffic police stationed for duty,” he said. 

In a press conference held on Sunday, the DPO also said that court cases have been filed against 466 individuals in the past one-and-a-half months alone for breaching various sections of the traffic laws as well as for other crimes.

Likewise, a total of Rs 6,014,000 has been collected in the same duration from fines. A total of 8,566 traffic offenders were booked, according to the DPO. 

Rana said they would continually work to enhance traffic management amid various challenges.

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