Floods and landslides keep settlements on high alert

Published On: July 3, 2018 12:20 PM NPT

KATHMANDU, July 3: Parts of the country are at risks of flood and landslide. 

More than 50 villages in Mahottari at high risk of flood

MAHOTTARI: More than 50 villages of eight municipalities and two rural municipalities are at high risk of flood in Mahottari district. 

The settlements are close to the Ratu, Maraha, Jangha, Bighi and Kutumeshwari River which have swollen due to continuous rainfall.

Nine local levels in Jhapa at high risk of flood

JHAPA: Nine municipalities and rural municipalities in Jhapa district are at high risk of floods this monsoon. 

Those at risks are Bahradashi, Kachankabal, and Kamal rural municipalities, Gaurigunj, Gauradaha and Shiva Satakshi municipalities along with some parts of Bhadrapur and Kankai municipalities. 

Water levels in the Mechi, Kankai, Biring, Kamal, Baniyani and Tangting rivers have swollen due to incessant rainfall. 

Fear of flood looms large in settlements near bank of swollen Mahakali River

DARCHULA: Incessant rainfall has heightened risks of flood, erosion and inundation among people living in settlements close to the bank of the Mahakali River.

Areas at risks include Sunsera, Huti, Dattu, Lali, Uku among other settlements.  

Birgunj and Nepalgunj submerged 

BIRGUNJ: Lack of proper management of rainwater has submerged major market areas of Birgunj including Ranighat, Shreepur, Panityanki, Nagwa, Bhisuwa, Ramgadhwa, Birta, Chapkaiya and Adarshanagar.

NEPALGUNJ: Main road sections of Nepalgunj have been flooded due to poor water management. Places like New Road, Sahid Setu BK Chowk, Gharbari tole among others have been heavily inundated.  

Four-wheel vehicles prohibited on Mahakali Bridge

KANCHANPUR: Four wheel vehicles have been prohibited on the Mahakali bridge after increased water flow due to monsoon. Water levels was measured at 144 thousand 870 Cusecs. Vehicular movements are banned from the bridge when water levels exceed 80 thousand Cusecs, largely because of the aging bridge.

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