Heat wave makes life difficult in western tarai

Published On: June 27, 2018 04:15 AM NPT By: NIRMNAL GHIMIRE

BARDIYA, June 27: With the temperature soaring across the country, Ramesh Bhujuwa of Gulariya Municipality-6 is having a hard time these days to manage his livelihood. In order to escape the heat waves, he has left his job. He used to earn his living by selling maize. In order to resume his work, he is waiting for the monsoon which is yet to take effect in western Nepal.

He is not the only one who has had to quit job or take a break due to the rising temperature. There are many people like him and this has ultimately made it difficult for them to manage two square meals for their family. 

"It's getting difficult to manage our life without work," Bhujuwa said. 

In the past few weeks, heat wave has been taking toll on the lives of the locals. PB Bishwokarma, acting chief of Rajha-based Meteorology and Hydrology Office in Banke informed that the office has recorded 42 degrees Celsius since some days. 

According to him, even in the morning the temperature is 32 degrees Celsius. 

Ganga Nagarkoti, a meteorologist at the Weather Forecasting Division, Kathmandu informed that western tarai can expect slight rainfall from Wednesday. 

"Although we welcomed monsoon in Nepal from June 8, it will take two more days for the monsoon to reach western tarai from the mid-hills," said Nagarkoti.

It's hard to find people in the streets during day time. People have been trying their best to find alternatives for escaping the deadly heat. No one can dare to go out without an umbrella. 

It has been equally difficult for the school students. Considering the health of the students, most of the community schools have been conducting their classes in the morning. 

Some of the private schools have been allowing students to take a nap for two hours in the afternoon. 

"The heat wave often causes weakness among the students so we allow them to sleep for two hours and resume their studies again," said Arun Chaudhary, a local teacher.

People are often found taking baths, having cold drinks, staying under fans and coolers to avoid the unbearable heat. 

Government officials lament that the hot air makes them lazy and sleepy which directly affects their work.

However, this has helped to increase the income of fruit sellers. According to them, the demand for fruits like watermelon, sugarcane as well as cucumber has increased significantly.

Extreme heat compels animals to leave jungles.

Not just the humans but animals too are having difficulty due to extreme heat. A large number of animals from Bardiya National Park have started coming out of the forest in search of water. 

Earlier, tourists had to venture deep into the jungles to see wild animals but now they don't have to do so as the animals have started coming to the river areas. 

Number of patients increase in district hospital.

These days, the doctors of the district hospital are having a hectic schedule dealing with patients. They say that there is no enough space to keep the patients.


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