Valentine’s Day can be bad for your sex life!

Published On: February 10, 2018 04:03 PM NPT By: Agencies

Love Vs Lust

With the much-awaited festival of love, arrives the classic conflict of interest—love versus lust. While we invest our time and energy to prove how beautiful life is when love is around, there comes a moment when we are caught off guard when the time to address our physical need arrives. There are roses, chocolates, soft toys and what not and in all those mushy moments it becomes very difficult to pop the question that borders around sex, isn’t it? Let’s read on the impact Valentine’s Day might have on one’s sex life:

Conflict of Interest

Love becomes the center of the universe around which all emotions revolve for a week. While romance becomes the flavour of the day, the spice called sex takes a back seat because it’s all about sweet love that can turn quite suffocating at times.

You are left with no energy

Let’s be honest, to make the Valentine’s Day a great success, you need time, energy and money. You start the week planning the perfect surprise, choosing the brightest roses and the darkest or the sweetest chocolates. Booking for the perfect date needs to be done quite in advance, which can be a difficult job. By the time Valentine’s Day ends, you are left either with a sense of relief or defeat—none that matches the requirements of a fiery session in the bed.

The fear of being misjudged

Let’s look at this situation: You have the perfect date and you managed to pour your heart out while mumbling sweet nothings. Finally, you managed to win his or her affection. Now, how do you lead your date to your bed room? After an overdose of romance, is it a good move to pop the question, “Let’s have sex?” Trust us, it’s not easy because you never know the person may mistake your romantic attention as a cover up for lustful designs.

There's no sex in Valentine's Week

This might sound really weird, but the entire week has specific days that promote love. We have Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Hug Day and Kiss Day. There is even a day dedicated to the cute little soft toy called teddy bear! A simple reason for designing the week that way may be because the universe conspired to make love (and not lust or sex) the center of everyone’s attention during Valentine's Day. 

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