Politics is getting into clutches of contractors and capitalist group: Yuvraj Gyawali

Published On: November 12, 2017 09:42 AM NPT

KATHMANDU, Nov 12: CPN (UML) Vice Chair Yuvraj Gyawali has stated that the Nepalese politics is getting into the clutches of the contractors and capitalist group. Vice-chair Gyawali, who did not take the ticket for the House of Representative election had expressed that the contractors are increasing in order to dominate politics.

Speaking with Radio Nagarik on Sunday, vice chair Gyawali said that Nepalese political parties should focus on reducing election expenses. He said, 'Our present-day elections are very expensive. If the politicians are not able to manage this high expense in time, the nation will be in danger. '

Speaking about the ethics of morality in politics, leader Gyawali said that the people who were capable of winning the election and could win the election are not contesting due to high level of election expenditure.

Accepting that the candidacy was very expensive, he said, 'Contractors are overriding in the democratic process.  

Expressing the suggestions that the parties should be separated with the principles and practices, he suggests, 'The parties should maintain economic transparency.'

He said that contractors are strong in district then politicians and the politicians started to undermined by those contractors.

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