Candidates reach out to the fields seeking votes

Published On: November 6, 2017 04:45 AM NPT By: Kishan Sangeet Nepali

LAMJUNG, Nov 6: Fields across Lamjung have turned golden with the arrival of the harvesting season. That is why locals these days are seen more in fields instead of their houses. While farmers are busy with their crops, candidates and leaders of various parties are gripped by the election fever. As a result, the candidates are found making visits to the fields of the farmers to persuade them for votes.

EC has slated November 26 as the date for the parliamentary and provincial elections in the district. As the election is just around the corner, candidates are conducting their campaigns in full swing.  This is the time of the year when most of the locals in rural parts of the country spend most of their time in fields. But the candidates can't let anything ruin the election campaign due to which they are obliged to go to the fields of the farmers as to meet them and convince them for votes. 

Upon reaching the fields, the candidates explain the voters about their election agendas, their development plans and new policies and seek votes from them. Though the locals are found in their homes during mornings and evenings, it is hard to find them during day time, lament the candidates. 

Dhannanjaya Dawadi, candidate picked by the left alliance for the parliamentary elections in constituency 1, said, "We have been conducting gatherings and meetings in the intersections and other public places during mornings and evenings but we have to reach to the fields at daytime to meet the locals."

Candidates of various parties say that they have been successful in getting positive response from the voters. By now, they have completed visiting almost half of the villagers and are planning to meet more. Members of both the alliances have made several groups for the election campaign. 

Similarly, Dil Bahadur Gharti, the candidate of the right alliance for the parliamentary elections along with the provincial assembly candidates Krishna Koirala and Garj Bahadur Gurung have also intensified their campaigns for the polls. They too are found in fields along with the farmers.

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