We all make mistakes

Published On: May 19, 2017 11:30 PM NPT By: Akanksha Budha

KATHMANDU, May 19: We all come across teachers with seemingly contrasting characters. We get really fond of some while we wish to have never met some. School can be and is tough place for people. We get exposed to things that we didn’t necessarily want or choose. We get a glimpse of the real world on our stay. The time in school or college goes by really well with some people while the others are left scarred and bruised with the experiences. 

It seemed like everyone I talked to had one of the worst experiences of their life ,be it in school or college that changed them into the person who they are now. While some seem content with the way things turned out, some often wish that the particular moment had never happened in their life. A girl once told me that her teacher was always harsh when it came to her. 

Her teacher always managed to humiliate her time and again in front of the whole classroom. She even got slapped for the crime that she didn’t commit. She was always called out for her mistakes in front of everyone. With the daily dose of humiliation and sniggers from her classmates, her confidence slowly started dissipating. Her self-esteem seemed to be non-existent at that time and she slowly shrunk back into her shell. 

The place that she once cherished became her worst nightmare. She dreaded going to that place, dreaded to see their face and dreaded for the inevitable humiliation that would for sure be bestowed upon her fragile shoulders. While she remained the same jolly girl for everyone, everything changed for the better and for the worst. 

When I met her years after our conversation about her teacher, she mentioned that she was doing better now. She had long since forgiven the teacher and told me that hatred is meaningless. It only causes you more pain and anger that messes you up for a long time, if you don’t extinguish its flames in the right time. Her teacher might have wanted to tame her troublesome behavior because trouble seemed to follow her everywhere she went. The teacher might have wanted her to do good but it was not justifiable to treat a child that way. Yes, children often get in trouble but one must never go out of their limits and say something that would scar the child for life and even make them question their life’s choices at a young age. By this, I’m not trying to portray that every teacher is the same. Not every teacher is as cruel as children think they are.  

We often mistake our teacher’s words as scolding and take great offence to that. But we should know how to self-reflect and realize our mistakes. We are not always right and on the other hand we are also not always at fault. As for teachers, they are right most of the time but it doesn’t mean that they can never be wrong or commit a mistake. We are all humans after all. And as humans we often make mistakes that could possibly do other people harm. While some of do regret it, some just forget about it and go forward in their lives. Life is not a soap opera where people who commit mistakes realize it every time and mourn over it. We shouldn’t lower our self esteem just because of the fact that we made a mistake and realize that if we hadn’t make mistake we would never get chance to learn form it.

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