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Published On: March 31, 2017 10:16 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Figuring out what makeup essentials you need to carry with you can be a daunting task if you aren’t the kind to lug around one of those humongous bags that seem to fit in everything. While it’s a good idea to have a small pouch tucked in your bag with the basic makeup stuff so that you can always freshen up on the go, you still might not be able to have it with you at all times.

So what’s the one thing you should always carry in your purse, no matter how big or small it is?  The Week talked to few people who are constantly in the limelight to know what, according to them, is the most important makeup item that one should simply not walk out of the house without. 

Paramita RL Rana
I only use makeup during special events. I usually like to stay make up free when I’m just hanging out my friends and family. But you will always find a sunscreen from Banana Boat and a basic chap stick in my bag no matter where I am. I always carry a sunscreen lotion because it not only prevents the skin from getting tanned but also protects it from harmful UV rays. I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated but sometimes my lips get dry and I like to keep my lips smooth and moisturized which is why there is also always a chap stick on me. 

Amshu Dali
I make sure that I always have lip gloss in my bag. Currently, Kylie’s lip gloss in my favorite. Your makeup won’t get smudged or fade away but the lipstick or the lip gloss you apply before you head out will need constant reapplying throughout the day, especially if you will be eating and drinking out. I cannot do without a lip gloss and I don’t want to meet anyone with colorless dull lips so I keep one with me at all times. I believe a good lip gloss can instantly freshen up your look no matter how long you have been out. 

Sugarika KC
Homemade kajal is my all time favorite makeup. My mother-in-law makes kajal at home.  People usually ask me if I am unwell if they see me without kajal. You could say this makeup item is my confidence booster of sorts.  I also usually carry loose powder with me whenever I’m out. Foundation and other makeup products usually give you a cakey look but loose powder can perk you up and make you look fresh by removing excess oil and adding a certain glow to the skin.

Neelam Chand

No one can go wrong with a bright colored lipstick. You can usually find lipstick from NYX or L’Oreal in my bag. Compact can also come in handy in difficult situations when you need to hide acne scars, dark circles, and look picture perfect. So I have that with me too. I prefer to use Revlon’s compact as it is very light and doesn’t leave a cakey feeling after applying. 

Reecha Sharma

It is often said that a woman’s eyelashes are her assets and I have been blessed in that area. I like to highlight what I already have so I make sure I carry Maybelline’s mascara wherever I go. Although I don’t prefer to use too much makeup on my face, it is a must for me to have my eyelashes done properly. I feel mascara does the right job of highlighting my strength and Maybelline’s mascara doesn’t contain that many artificial components and so it neither harms my eyes nor lashes.

Alisha Shrestha
A perfect finishing making up is a must and this can only be done by foundation. I always carry a bottle of foundation in my bag and in case something goes wrong with my makeup, I can simply fix it with a little dab of foundation. But while selecting a foundation, one has to make sure that it matches their skin color otherwise your makeup can look quite bad.  

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